Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thanks Stymie

"You only meet a once in a lifetime buddy, once in a lifetime" -Stymie; Little Rascals

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Horribly Rotten No Good Very Bad Day

Poor Bear had one of these yesterday. He was running down the driveway and tripped, which ended in a face first dive down the pavement,
Which resulted in this:
he's eating tomato soup

And this:
took off almost 1/2 his toenail
Again with the tomato soup drops

Everyday we go with my neighbor across the street on a walk to pick up her son from school. At the school they have concrete benches to sit and wait.  Bear was sitting and decided to get down. Well his shirt slid up and he slid down the concrete bench, which resulted in this:
Love the tomato soup running down his belly?! And his belly covered in pen?!
(I'm such an awesome mom huh?!)

Poor Bear =( It breaks my heart to see him covered in little boy ouchies. He woke up in mostly good spirits today. only a couple complaints of hurting toes and tummies, but other than that he's back to his awesome little 2 yr old self!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lost in the Boxes

Funny. I felt this way just a few months ago while packing it all up. At least now they are in a garage instead of the living room. however they are harder to ignore out there. I guess part of the fun of moving is the unpacking and settling in.  I feel like the only thing I really have left to do is get the pictures on the wall. We have been keeping busy with work, and play, and more work. I have been working at the Puyallup Fair on Saturday helping out my uncle Sheldon with his Walk On Water booth. It is really cool and a lot of fun!
These are his kids doing it!
We gave our "Welcome to the ward" Talks in church last Sunday, I felt totally unprepared but got a lot of compliments so I guess it went well. It was our 3rd week at church, They read in our records, we spoke, I got my visiting teaching route, and then we got a calling! They really don't waste anytime here.  I am excited about this new ward. Everyone is really friendly and seems very willing to help out.

Here are some pics of the fun we've been having in our wonderfully marvelous, magical problem solving house!

Bubba is totally diggin the whole playing outside factor! This is what he does every free minute we can spare.

Bear LOVES to color on the sidewalk

I love this pic of bubba because it is soo him! He loves all things cowboy and has such a goofy personality.

Apparently Bubba missed the fact that we OWN Blankets. Because this is what he likes to do with the newspaper!

Daddy threw me an AWESOME Bday party! He wrote me a message.
Made me dinner (teriyaki shish kabobs) and bought me a chocolate filled chocolate frosted chocolate cake from Costco!

Daddy workin the Grill. He was a lot happier than he looks! He was just Focused!

This is how Bear eats corn on the cob. Totally cute!

My backwards cowboy! I love my Bubba Boy!
Uncle D. Has been living with us while he works all day everyday at the fair for our Uncle Sheldon's WOW Booth.
Uncles are VERY good for building you a fort to watch Toy Story in!
And that my friends, is our life so far.
Final pics of house to come soon....hopefully!