Thursday, February 21, 2013


There comes a time in every parents life when they have to address the subject of pets.
Our time has come. 
The boys understand that both Greg and I, and what turns out to be them too, are severely allergic to cats. They also understand that they like their outside toys to much to let them be chewed up by puppies. We also like having grass in our backyard, and not having to scoop poop.
So last Saturday Isaac comes to Greg with this notebook written with the question:
"Can we buy a fish today?"

Greg, sadly had to tell him "no. not today"
To which Isaac responded with the sad face below it.

When Greg and I were first married we had a fish tank. It was lovely. I had fish to take care of, he bought himself some time in the baby department. I named all the fish funny names like Spot, Speedy, Booger, Slime face, and Twinkle.  Some would actually physically jumped out of the tank, which we found when we moved....Ewww. He would occasionally buy me a new one.
When we had Isaac I discovered I couldn't handle cleaning the tank and taking care of a baby and being pregnant again all at the same time. So we sadly flushed the fish, I cried, and the tank went into storage.
When we moved into the house, the boys were so tiny and we were considering getting pregnant again, so we sold the tank to on of our neighbors. 
Well.....Now that neighbor has an adorable dog and they are done with the fish......

Needless to say we are talking about considering taking on the task of fish once more.

Ahhhh Parenthood!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Toddle Toddle

Look who decided that Valentine's Day would be a good day to walk?!
Yes. That puts her at 14 1/2 months.  A whole 5  months past Isaac and almost 4 months past Gary!
This little girl just continues to prove that things will be done in her time, and her time alone!!!

Gary picked her her hairdo this day!

So the story is this:
Ashley will take steps for Greg. Several steps at a time. But when I tried to get her to walk this is what I got:
Laid out flat! Refusing to walk anywhere.  *don't ya just love that binky?!*

So Valentines Day I'm at my friends house getting my hair done and Ashley decides that she needs to be at the couch, so she stands up, and walks over to the couch.  Now she's walking all over the place. Not in great distances but she is at least 60/40 walking/crawling.

In other news. Guess who is missing several teeth?!
This guy just can't seem to keep em in!!! the tooth fairy is about to go broke at this rate!!
This one he swallowed. yep. He was eating some toast for breakfast and when he was done, the tooth was missing....straight up GONE!! So I think he swallowed it. He was worried at first but after I assured him the Tooth Fairy would still leave him something he felt better about it.

Life has been fun and crazy....I'm ready for winter to be over so that everyone can warm up and finally start feeling better. I'm over the constant cough and runny noses.