Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Everyone has that defining year. That year that you really seem to get it together and take care of yourself, for once.
28 is that year for me! I am only 4 months in and already so much has happened that has made me feel more grown up.
It started off Great with doing my first 5k with my Mother in law and my Best friend!
 I have never considered my self athletic or really into exercising or anything fitness related. When we signed up to do it I started running, every morning for about a mile. The week of the 5k I ran 3 miles every morning. I had so much fun running with my friends that I haven't stopped looking for which one I'm going to do next.
I have also decided that I want to be in better shape for the next run, so my 2 best friends and I have started working out every day. We really dove in head first and we are doing the Insanity Program. It is Crazy hard and so much fun! I find myself looking forward to working out in the morning!! I'm trying to decide if I want to start it over when I finish or do one of the other 10 workout programs we own, but have only done for about a week....
I'm so happy with the results I'm getting and I've only done it for 3 weeks. We are at the beginning of week 4.

We are also busy with Isaac being in Kindergarten. He is LOVING it and I am loving being able to help out in his classroom twice a month. I love to see him in class soaking up every bit of knowledge he can. I love being able to see how he interacts with the other kids and who his friends are. I love being able to put a face with the names of the kids he talks about, and I love that his friends are now starting to recognize me and say Hi to me when we drop him off at school! It's fun to watch him grow into his own person and have his own opinions and feelings about different things.
 Isaac also lost his first tooth this past year and I never realized how that effects a mother. It's exciting, and kind of scary to pull a tooth out of your little one's face, or to have him walk up to you with a tooth in his hand and a hole in his face. It makes you feel older to realize you are old enough to have a child with missing teeth and in Kindergarten!

Another big deal is that Ashley turned 1!
Our last little one.
There is a certain reflective feeling you get when your last child turns 1.
It's the last 1st birthday party you get to throw.
It begins the year of the last first word, the last first step, the last first cupcake.
The feeling of completion you get when you look at your family and realize that this is the last pair of tiny shoes that will litter your hallway.
It's kind of a sad thing to realize, but it's liberating to know that you are happy with life and happy with how it's turning out.
Your body created these 3 perfect little people who have everything they need and some of what they want. They are taken care of, and loved, and happy! It feels good to be in a place where you are able to take care of your family and know that they are there to take care of you too.

 Gary is my little man. He is me (as a kid) in boy form. He is loud, and crazy, and sometime uncontrollable. But if you need something, he is THERE!!! He is helpful, and loving, and just wants to be included in everything!
He needs to be allowed to run, and yell, and do crazy, dangerous things. He is daring, and sweet, and loud as all get out, but bless his heart, he is there with a great big bear hug if your day is swirlin around that drain!
He has shown me a lot about what it means to have the love of God towards everyone. That kid loves everyone!
He is our Little Bear and he loves it. He makes me feel like screaming and singing all at the same time.  He has really taught me how to have more patience and try to understand things better. Most of the time (as I'm sure it is with all kids) he melts down before you can figure out what the problem is. And as long as you don't yell or get frustrated with him, it's pretty easy to figure it out and solve whatever is upsetting him. He has learned which buttons to push to get Isaac upset and he's learned how to react to Isaac to get Isaac into trouble. He is clever and very smart, although he's very good and acting likes he's not.

Kids have a funny way of helping you grow up. They fight and fight all day long but at the end of the day, they are the best of friends who can't go to bed without each other.
They teach you patience, and problem solving. 
Love and understanding are required when you are a parent.
They define you. They are apart of you and they make you who you are. You wouldn't be "Mom" without them.
There are moments when I think "why did I want this so badly" and then they come to you with a simple problem that they can't solve them selves. 
Tie my shoe.
Zip my coat.
What's 3+3?
I need a drink.
Can I have a snack?
Where's my bunny. or puppy. or teddy. or buddy.
Can you please come put the blankets back on me?
And then I look at them and remember, oh-yah. Because I wanted to be the one called "mom" to tie the shoes and zip the coats and snuggle them into bed at night. I wanted to be the one to dress and feed and clean and take care of the little ones. I wanted someone who relied on me to survive. I wanted little ones who would love me even when I'm a hot mess.  I wanted to be the responsible one who made sure they have clothes and food and snuggles. Beds, pillows, blankets, and a little stuffed friend to keep them safe. 
And in order to claim all of those privileges you have to claim the role of referee. You have to take the fights to get the love. The whining to get the kiss. The tantrum to get the smile.
These past 4 months of being 28 has really been crazy, and fun, and scary, and exciting. I love having "Ah-Ha" moments that show me things I have been missing, but didn't know. 
Everyone reaches their "grown up" year at a different age....mine seems to be 28.