Monday, September 17, 2012

1st Annual Talent Show

Ashley has been under the impression lately that she is a big girl and the world is her jungle gym.
 Gary has had fun following her around laughing at all the places she gets "stuck"
 Saturday the boys were being...well, boys and Greg and I kept trying to get them to go outside. So eventually Greg said "I think we should have a talent show tomorrow after church, you should go outside and practice your talent" and what do you know, they went outside....for a long time!

So here it is.
The Buchanan Family 1st Annual Talent Show!!
Gary's Backwards Bend
Gary's Cartwheel
Isaac's Backwards Bend
Ashley Clapping
My adorable daughter
My cute babies are talent enough...I feel.
Greg's Fire
Roasting Marshmallows....I love this man!
Greg's Dessert. Chocolate stuffed Marshmallows
Have I mentioned that I love him?!
Cuz I do.

Again with the big girlness.....really?!

We are a talented bunch over here! Don't be jealous, join us!

Friday, September 14, 2012


We have officially survived our first FULL week of Kindergarten!!
We seem to be getting into the full swing of things and it seems to going well.
Isaac has a MUCH larger class than he's used to. His Montessori class had about 10 kids in it. His Kindergarten class has about 35!!! We're looking into maybe switching him to the smaller class of 25.
He had been having a hard time focusing on his task while in class and his teacher addressed me about it. So we came home, I wrote letters on the white board and with a stop watch in hand I asked him how many letters he could write in 1 minute.
His focus is much better!! She said it's like night and day difference.
Each letter line was 1 minute of writing
We have been walking to and from school, which has been fun.
After some persuasion from some neighbors, the Department of Transportation has decided that due to the lack of sidewalks along the very busy road, they gave us a bus! So now Isaac gets to ride the bus!
Gary walking to the bus stop
Getting off the bus. Gotta wave to his friends
 Ashley has been pulling her self up on everything!!!
It's so fun to watch her grow, I just wish she wouldn't do it quite so fast!

 Her hair is getting longer, I no longer NEED to put it in a ponytail to put a cute clip in it.
It just makes it easier.

And then we have Gary!!
Ohhhh Gary, how I love you!

I can't get over how much these two look alike!!

I'm not sure what she was looking for but she was heart set on finding it!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our ChillyBeans

First off. This is least it is to me.
I was trying to get her to say "Mama"
She says "Dada" and "Nana" But when I want her to say "Mama" she just grunts and yells.
It was very amusing.

Isaac had his first day of Kindergarten and I think we were all a little nervous.
We went to the open house the night before and got his "Welcome to Kindergarten" packet, which he then spent all morning "reviewing"

So here he is. Our oldest. Our big 5 yr old, off to Kindergarten!!
It has become a tradition in our family to have Dad take the kids to school on their first day. So I stayed home with Gary and Ashley (and cried) while Greg walked Isaac to school (one of the advantages to living 1/2 a mile from school)

We have these Magic Nuudles, and they are AMAZING! They stick together with water
Isaac made me a Hammer Head Shark
I may have gotten him into Shark Week

These two have such a roller coaster relationship.
These moments are few and far between and very hard to capture on film. 
Pretty sure this picture would sell for upwards of $1Billion!!!!!

The boys decided that the VHS movies make really good blocks.
So they made some parking garages.

Gary is our artist. Some of the things that he draws are AMAZING!!!!
I want to frame it all!!

Gary is also our country boy!! He loves to be outside, in the earth!
Dirt, rocks, sand, water......If it is a natural substance, he must be in it, covered in it!
I love this dirty boy, and whenever he comes in the house looking like this, I know it's been a good one!

These two....Oh my!!!
Ashley has discovered the play room!
Isaac has discovered that he can make Ashley laugh so hard she falls over.
It can be quite comical, and dangerous at times.

I learned very quickly with Isaac that it is important to have at least 1 drawer or cubbord that has Child friendly kitchen stuff in it. Stuff that they can get into, that maybe feels like they shouldn't be into it.
Ashley found said drawer.  Plastic measuring cups and hot pads.

Can you believe it!!!
In 3 months she'll be 1!!!!

Growing up to fast....
I went in to get her up from her nap and she was just standing there smiling at me!
I couldn't believe it!! Just standing she's a big girl or something!

She also thinks that she's big enough to do the stairs....
luckily there are only 3 and we have a 1" mat on the garage floor, so if she were to sneak past someone and out the door that accidentally got left open, the fall isn't tooooo bad.

Wait for it.........
Crazy huh?!?!

I love my crazy kids!!!
They keep me on my toes and laughing, which I hear burns a lot of calories!!

To end,
For your viewing pleasure:
A little movie where I tease the kids with my birthday present from Greg!

Have a superfantastic week!!!