Monday, January 31, 2011

Quest Part ll

I was doing a little past blog reading and came across an old post titled Quest It was very inspiring.
I spoke of goals. Goals like Loving my Body, Having no Regrets, accepting my faults, and Stepping out.
So here's some follow up:

Loving my Body - Good news, Since March 31, 2009, I have not gained any weight! I'm only 7lbs away from being pre Bear, 15lbs away from pre Bubba and 25 from Married age! Not bad...I think.  We found an elliptical off Craigslist so hopefully working on getting healthier will be easier. We've been buying more fresh foods and working on portion control. Working on Loving my body the way my husband does...It's a work in progress
Have no Regrets - Well, I talked about auditioning for the National Anthem at a Rainier's game, I did not make it. But I'm OK with it! Why?! Because I tried, And that's what I've been working on. Trying new things. Jumping out there and having no fears. The past is the past and it will stay that way. I'm all about trying new things now! I tried Curried Goat a couple weeks ago and WOW!! SO Good!! If you ever have a chance to try Curried Goat, DO IT!!! So good!
Accepting my faults - DONE! Since we've moved into our house, there is still a pile of clothes waiting to be washed, but the folding and putting away is a lot easier so that pile is significantly smaller (Smaller, not totally gone, although some days it is GONE!) The dishes don't pile up like they used to, the bedrooms stay cleaner, the bathrooms are cleaner. Life is better! I find that my faults don't nag at me like they used to. It is easier to accept who I am.
Stepping Out - Moving really helps this! I've made lots of new friends and am really beginning to feel apart of our new ward at our Church. We've moved twice since my original Quest post, and Wow! When you are used to living near family, and then move away. Wow! It has really forced me to step outside of where I'm comfortable and be Me, and not be afraid to be me. It has made me stick my hand out and say "Hi! I'm new. I want to be your friend" (No, I did not actually say that to people) It has helped me do things I normally wouldn't. I am feeling really good about this one!

All in all I think I'm doing really well! I said that I would take as long as I need, and I really feel like I'm making progress. . . . . . That's all!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Life Remembered

"God be with you till we meet again;
When life's perils thick confound you,
Put his arms unfailing round you,
God be with you till we meet again.
Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Jesus' feet.
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again."

As Latter Day Saints, we believe in forever families. Which means that there is no "Rest in Peace", There is, "Till we meet again".
We are a family forever.
We are together for eternity. Just because you pass on, that doesn't mean we will never see you again. You get to go home. You get to go live with your Heavenly Father. You get to see your loved ones that have passed on before you. You get to give your family, who you've missed, hugs and kisses. You get to see them again.
Eternal families are of great comfort to me.
Yes. You will be missed by those you leave behind.
Yes. Tears will be shed as we remember what a kind, sweet, loving man you were. How you loved your children. How you loved ALL Children. How it didn't matter who we were, or how we were related. We were family and that was good enough for you. How you taught your boys how to be respectful to others and help when they see a need, instead of waiting to be asked.  How you loved unconditionally.
We will always have these memories. We will always cherish these memories. We can not WAIT till we get to see you and get one of your famous Big Hugs!   We DO Get to see you again. It isn't "Good-Bye", It's "C-ya Later".
"God be with you till we meet again" Uncle Shane
We Love you!

Good reminder

"Today you are you,
That is truer than true,
There is no one alive who is youer than you"
-Dr. Seuss


Monday, January 24, 2011


2 Saturdays ago Bubba Slammed is finger in the weighted door that goes from the house to the garage, Which resulted in this;
We took him to Urgent care and decided it wasn't broken so we took him home, put on the favored space ranger band aid and sent him to see the Monster Trucks!
When he got home this is the story I got!

"Mom!! Daddy took me to see the Monster Truck!"
*He did?!*
"YAH! And there was a Green one! And a Superman one that made Bear REALLY Happy!"
Daddy- 'Bubba! Tell Mommy about the Dinosaur one'
"YAH!! There was a Dragon on! And he ate a car!"
*He ATE a CAR?!? O-My Goodness*
"Yah!! He ATE the whole car!"

"And he Roared Really loud like this, RROOOAAAARRRRR!!!!.....

....And he Spit Fire like this AAAHHHHHHH {just breathing}....."
...It was so cool and I wanna go AGAIN!!!"
*I'm glad you had a good time! how's your finger?*
"My finger?! Oh, It's fine! But my band aid fell off =( "
*Do you want another one*
"Uhmmm No Thank you! I just wanna go play"

Thursday night. As he was climbing into the tub, he slipped and whacked his teeth on the tub. One call to the Dr, a night of checking on him every 2 hrs, a visit to his Dr, and 3 days of soft foods later, Bubba goes to the Dentist for the Very first time!

He got to ride in the chair

After a full inspection of the chair he decided to stick around

He got Cool glasses for the super bright light

Told the Dentist what happened,
"I just slipped in the tub and fell like this PSHT!"
'Oooo!! That hurts'

He wanted the Dentist to wear the cool glasses. So he did.

And then used the cool "looking tool" To look at the back of his teeth

After all was checked, pictured, looked at and played with, life is good. His teeth will be just fine!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boyz & Their Toyz

My little monkeys are all boy! 1,000%. Nothin not boy about them. They love all things that zip zoom swoosh, bang, and most of all. Crash!
They love all things Super hero. Buzz light year is an Icon. Superman emblems are worn with pride (I fly solo on the Batman fan page in this house)
If it is a motorcycle, we own it. If it's a race car, it has it's own drawer. Hot wheels are commonly on the grocery list. If it digs, we got it. If it dumps, it's dumped just about everything that could fit in its little dump area.
I love my little boys. I would not trade them for any little girl on the planet!

 If I had a million dollars I would spend it buying them amazing trucks, tractors, motorcycles.......
Sheets, curtains, Wall stickers. I would do amazing dressers, and play mats. Big jeeps and trucks. The kind they can get in and race around the culs-de-sac. I would get the remote control cars so that they could race those too!
I would take one room in our house and sound proof it and then pad everything. Yes! I would have a sound proofed padded room in my house just for wrestling and all activities boy related! They could wrestle, scream, jump, run, bounce, yell, growl, shoot each other with Nerf guns.
Do I want a little girl! You betcha!! What I would give to put little bows in her hair. Dress her up in leggings and dresses.
The shoes. The clothes. The accessories. (am i scaring you yet Hun?) I would love to paint tiny finger and toe nails. I would love little yellow, red, and green dresses hanging in a closet. Lady bugs and butterflies. Sugar and spice.
But I love my boys! I love my Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails.
I love my mud pies, and peanut butter kisses. I love dirty faces and hiding places. I love growling and wrestling and baseball and football. I love monsters and dinosaurs. I love boys!
So here's to my boys! May you always be my littleboys! May you always drive me crazy and then call me "Beau-pull" May you always keep gray hairs on my head. And most importantly, May you please go to sleep!

Boy: (noun)....A noise with dirt on it.

A little Self Centered?

I know...I promise that after this I will give you a break from mee! But I have some more random facts. Deal with it!

My favorite color is red, all shades of red.

I would much rather wrestle with my boys then clean
but then again, who wouldn't

I like to write

I like typing because I like the sound of the keys

I like window shopping

I Love being pregnant
*NO! I am NOT Pregnant*

I don't like French toast

I wear sweats, all day, most days.

I am very sarcastic and that gets me in trouble.
I am Mee!

OK. As you wish, A break from all that is mee!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Happend?!

How did we go from this...

To This...

And when did this...

Turn into this...

As of the 14th, our baby Bear is now 2.5!!!! In less than 6 months he will be 3! Today that is hard to believe.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dare to be Real

One of my fav. Blogs to follow is Little Miss Momma. I Love how crafty, cute and real she is! She did a post that really inspired me to share it all!! So here it is, Me. Plain and simple!

I am 5'2"

I own an elliptical that currently is drying my favorite flannel shirt

Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom

I can't stand to have naked toes

I like to play XBox with my hubby
Rock Band and Baseball

There are few things I hate, but some are:
Lima Beans
Log trucks
i always think something will snap, and I'll be buried, in my car, under a pile of logs

I love watching cartoons,
especially Phineas and Ferb and Sid the Science kid.

I have read, enjoyed and own all 4 Twilight books
I've only seen the 1st movie.

The sound of people chewing makes me want to scream

I want a professional photographer to follow me around my house all day taking pics of my family.

I don't like frosting
I love Tang, especially mixed into my Roobios Red Tea

I love to paint

I'm usually hoarse by the end of the day
I would much rather go to Goodwill and Ross than go to the Mall
total of $12 spent on these
If I ever won a million dollars, I would most likely spend it on other people. Hubby, kids, family, friends.

I like grocery shopping with my kids because it gives me someone to talk to

I call my mom and my little sister and talk for an hour minimum, almost daily

My hair is long, thick, and Dark Chocolate brown, I wouldn't change a thing. But it gives me Migraines.
I live on Excedrin Migraine

I have to shower after I take a bubble bath.

I am afraid of Spiders, Bears, and the dark.

I get bored easy so I'm constantly rearranging something

I married him, and love him more and more every day!
but that's not so secret is it?

I Dare you to be Real!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I  made this
 for recipe go here

I miss her

I want my hair to look like this

I can't belive they

Now look like this!

And it's raining so I fee like this

Monday, January 10, 2011


Looks Good huh?!
It was!!
Want the recipe, don't ya?!
Go Here!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sometimes the Best fix is:

To Spend all day in your Jammies

Make a mess

And enjoy the little things in life

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the Dark

The boys experienced  their first power outage a couple days ago. and this is what it looked like:

How do you know. . .

When it's cold outside!?
When you have to scrape the ice off the INSIDE of you car

When your kids are awesome?!
When they like to sit in the dark even if the power isn't out!

When bunk beds would be awesome
When this is what they look like during bedtime story.

When you're married to a total stud?!
When he's willing to BBQ ribs in the dark!