Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend of Fun!!!

Friday I went and picked up a bunch of clothes from my cousin who is moving across country and didn't want take a bunch of clothes her kids have grown out of with her. Conveniently she has boys that are older than my boys and so we got a good stock pile of clothes for the next 5 yrs!
After we had some time to kill before our next activity so I took the boys for a walk around capital lake. After we had Isaac I used to walk around this lake every day, and then after we had Gary I would take them both so that I could get out of the house and get some exercise. It was fun to take them now they've grown up a little bit and I didn't have to pack them in the stroller and snugly.

Those lumps on the edge are ducks. They loved seeing all the ducks.
I love these boys! They are so fun to go on adventures with!

Of course we had to stop to throw rocks!

Our brother-in-law just graduated with his Masters so we went bowling to celebrate.
After we finished our walk we met everyone at the bowing ally and the boys went bowling for the first time!
They had so much fun!!!
Apparently he got his bowling genes from me....this is how I stand after I've rolled the ball!
So that there was no dropping the ball I told the boys to roll it this way

Gary was more patient waiting for his ball to roll down the isle
When it wasn't their turn they liked to watch the video games....
I bowled an 81...not bad for me!

Isaac bowled a 20 and Gary got 29!
Not bad for their first time!

Saturday was our niece's Bday party and after the party we went back to Greg's parents house where
Ashley had her first experience with a trampoline!
Isaac was sad that no one wanted to swing with him =(

Gary was too busy jumping "Super high"

Ashley also had her first experience with swinging....she loved it!

We spent the night and the boys made breakfast for Greg and his dad Sunday morning!

This is a perfect picture to me.
What better way to spend Father's day, than to spend it  being a real Father!!

The boys wanted to see if the carrots in our garden were ready!
they found 2 that were!!

We even have some strawberries growing!!

Sunday evening we made dinner together! Greg grilled up some Fillet Minon and hot dogs and I made roasted potatoes and corn!
The jeep flowers are the flowers the boys picked out for Greg!

Ashley even got in on the corn cob action!
This is her first real table food, and it was a hit!

Happy Father's day to one of the best Daddy's I know!!!!

Random pictures

This is going to be very random and, to most, pointless. But to some these are the pictures you've been waiting for!

We went down to Greg's parents to help with some yard work. We brought the boys shovels and gloves so that they could help out too!

They had a lot of fun helping!

This is Amelia (18months) and Ashley (6months) they are almost the same size. Amelia is so tiny and cute! I love her so much!

The boys had a camp out in the backyard with Greg a couple weekends ago! They roasted marshmallows

ate 'smores

and in the morning they even decided to "help" and take the tent down for us! We only ended up with 2 broken (but fixable) poles!
They've been asking to do it again almost every weekend!

My sister made a spontaneous trip to our house! Spontaneity runs in the family....
On Saturday we had some yard work to do so I put all the boys to work helping me with my garden!

After we were all done we took a little break
I LOVE this picture!

While the boys were playing D found a Caterpillar!

This is what we do when K comes for a visit! We sit outside, painting our toes and order take out!
What else would you do with your sister?!

I went in to check on Isaac one night (to see if he was asleep) and I found him asleep with his Tacoma Rainiers hat on! These boys love their baseball!

These two make me smile!! She loves him to pieces and he absolutely adores her! She sat there and pulled his hair for a good 5 mins and he just laid there laughing at her!

There you have it. The very random, mostly out of order, picture update!


Isaac has been done with preschool for 2 weeks now and he is all out of whack. He's been really moody and grumpy and I could not figure out why; and then I realized that it's probably because he misses the structure and stability of school! So I sat down with him and went through the picture his teacher sent home on a CD. It made his eyes light up to see all the things he used to do at school.  So I'm working on a "summer schedule" so that life is a little more structured while he is home from school during the summer.

When it was his snack day he got to do the dishes after everyone was done with snack.

I love that even during "recess" the learning continued. This is where he learned to color inside of a shape!

Word/picture recognition

Writing skills. She has words on the white strip of paper and he copies what he sees onto the pink paper.

Learning to count to 100

"I DID IT!!!"

Counting from 10-20

"Father's Day Feast"

At the beginning of the year they took a field trip to a farm and pumpkin patch. I love that sibling were invited. They had so much fun together!

Even science was involved.
He was mixing different colored water to see what happened.
I love that he wore protective eye wear!

Isaac reading!

Needless to say, I think I need to come up with some of these activities to do at home so that he can have a sense of normality until he starts Kindergarten this fall, and so that he can retain most of what he learned at pre school.

Thank you Mrs. Shawna for helping Isaac grow into the thoughtful, kind, super smart little boy he is today! Thank you for having patience, and loving all his little quirks, that make him who he is. Your hard work and love have not gone unappreciated! We love you!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Self Defense

Today was Isaac's last day of pre-school! It was very bittersweet and I have been a hidden emotional roller coaster all day.
On our way home Gary says to Isaac the following;
"Isaac, you don't know how to fight bears do you? No. But I do. So when we get home Mom is going to drop us off in the jungle so that we can find a bear so that I can teach you how to fight a bear. First I'm going to jump on it's back and then I'm going to smack it on it's booty. Then it's going to fall in the water. Then I need you to help me sit on it under the water so that all the water goes up it's nose, cuz bears can't hold their noses, their claws are too pokey. yah. So when we get home I'll find a bear and teach you. M'K?!"
Isaac - "Gary. I don't want to fight a bear."
Gary - "But if I don't teach you how to fight a bear then you'll die!!"
Isaac - "Gary. Please be quiet. I want the car to be peaceful."
Gary - "*sigh* ok.....*sigh*"