Thursday, February 23, 2012


We bought a shed to get some stuff out of the garage to make it more room for our new gym!

This is where we decided to put it

Floor down

Walls going up

I asked Isaac to take a picture
This is what we got.

And then he wouldn't put the camera down

He took pictures of the pieces

Of us working

Of Daddy putting soap on the edges (to help them slide together easier)

Of Mommy being silly

And then I took it back so that he could measure the inside.

"I seeeeeee you!"

All done!

The "patio" for the shed

So pretty!

As you can see we still have plenty of backyard left!

YAY Progress!!  Next project is the garden and possibly the patio.

Monday, February 13, 2012

V-day at it's finest!

First some super cute pics of the kiddos
She is our sunshine!
Gary has really gotten into exercising. He held these weights like this for 42 seconds!
Long day at school Isaac?! He ended up sleeping like this in the car for 30 mins after we got home. luckily it was nice out so I just sat on the porch and called my mom while he napped
She is always so happy!
Got some more bookcases so that we could get all our books up and out of the garage! I love our new little reading corner.
Valentines Day is all about love right?! Well in order to make it about love and not the "commercially invented" holiday that some think it is, Greg and I celebrate V-day on the 12th, which is when we went on our first date. This year we went all out!
Here's a clue. It's why we had to get the books out of the garage .....

O-yah!! Nothin says "Happy Valentines Day" like a Boxing Tree!!
It's so much fun and I LOVE it!!!

Even the boys got in on the fun

Nothin says "Happy Valentines day" like a Smith Machine right?!
This was such a steal! And Greg loves it!
Happy V-day to us!!
Our new Home Gym!

Onto the date part of our V-day celebration...
Scotty McCreery, The Band Perry, and Brad Paisley Concert?
So excited!

our view
I knew very little about this guy until the concert. I didn't even know what he looked like.
for those who don't know, he won American Idol (I'm one of the 5 Americans that don't watch).

Scotty McCreery

The Band Perry
Before the concert I liked The Band Perry, after the concert, I LOVE Them!!

Now, the moment we've waited for!
Brad Paisley
Such an amazing show!
"The world"

"She's Everything"
"Workin on her tan"
"Whisky Lullabye"
Signature guitar solo with animation done by Brad Paisley

With special guest Carrie Underwood
In hologram form!
"Remind me"

It was an AMAZING concert and an Amazing V-day! Beach Bod, here we come!!
Happy V-day Sweetie! LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random pictures

Here are some cool pictures from the snow we had last month.
There was so much snow and ice on the trees that some broke, and some just bent over the fence.

Greg went out and knocked some of the ice off so that it wouldn't break, and then stuck his ladder under the tree and over the fence so that if the tree did break it would fall on the ladder and not on the fence (which would beak it)

See the ice on the fence?!

Even heavy machinery got stuck in this stuff!

I love the way the ice coated the net on the boys basket ball hoop.

Our little girl is 2 months old now!

Isaac is learning to read in school! He LOVES reading! He sat down with Greg the other day and read (with very little help) Go Dog Go!! I found him in the playroom reading in the sunshine.
This is for his Nana.