Monday, November 29, 2010

Kill me some Dragons!

Daddy turned 30!!

So I got him a very Adult gift
Get your head outta the gutter...not that kind of adult gift!

A paper shredder!!

But he loved it!!

Daddy decided he wanted to spend his whole birthday him self =(
So we got dressed to go slay some dragons!

Daddy's Birthday was fun! I had a good time at home with the boys while he went out to do a little birthday shopping for himself. Our neighbor watched the boys for us that night so that I could take him out for his birthday. We also took his sister and her husband, his parents and grandparents. It was so nice to be able to do that for everyone.  We drove out to Shelton to go to this amazing little hole in the wall restaurant called Steven's.  Everyone's food was amazing. there was salmon stuffed crab, ceder plank salmon. Chicken stuffed with prosciutto, and cheese. Duck (that was me) and chicken and pasta. The dessert was just as good, creme brulee, lemon shortcake, chocolate mouse, cheesecake (pumpkin and chocolate peanut butter) and Ice cream!  And of course we had gift giving at the restaurant. I couldn't go empty handed and because I wasn't hauling a paper shredder in and out of the restaurant, I also got him season 1 of Glee. Because I am proud to say that my hubby is a Gleek!  When we got home he decided he wanted one more thing for his birthday, he did turn 30 after all, so he went back out to continue the bday him self. I didn't make it till he got home. I crashed early. When your so full of good food, what else is there to do?! So here's to you dear! My officially adult husband! Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today is a very special day.
Today is the day that my hubby turns 30!!!!

He is an amazing father.

An excellent provider

He will brave new heights for his family!

Do all he can to make sure we have nothing but the best

Loves his kids more than anything in the world!

I am grateful for such an amazing husband. He is good to me and everything I need to keep my feet on the ground.
Love you babe!
Happy 30th Birthday!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sa-WING Batta Batta

1st Inning -
Football with daddy on the couch

2nd Inning
and Play

3rd Inning -
Finish the cooking

4th Inning -
Family Picture!
It was so awesome that Daddy's Grandparents could make it!
There are 4 Generations in this picture!

5th Inning -
Vote on who likes the Punch

6th Inning -
Finger Berries

7th Inning -
Make whip cream so we can have Pie!

7th Inning Stretch -
Play in the snow

8th Inning -
A little Mario Kart

9th Inning -
Home Run!!!
 Thanksgiving was a success!!!
I'm thankful for my family who had patience with me as I stressed, cooked, stressed and cooked some more.
I am also thankful for Daddy's family who braved the ice and snow to come up to our house to spend this food filled holiday with us.
I am ESPECIALLY thankful for Great Grama and Grampa who made the journey from UT. to come see us!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ya'll Ready for This?!

Snow; Day 3!!
We now have a couple of inches. It didn't snow anymore today but that doesn't mean we can't go play in it.
We can't play in it for very long because after about 10 mins, poor Bear's nose starts to bleed.

The boys making the trek out to retrieve their bikes out of the snow.

A buried bike makes it kind of hard to ride...but then again, so does snow.

Not only is it buried...but it's on it's side and buried

This is how we improvise. Get a wipe box out of recycle, and use it for a sled!

find the only teeny tiny hill in your back yard and sled into the fence!

We are slowly getting ready for Thanksgiving here. Given the new house we decided to host the holidays. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Daddy's family is coming for Thanksgiving, My family is coming for Christmas.
Tomorrow is pie day ... and I'm excited.

Monday, November 22, 2010


What do you do when your house looks like this?!

How about some of this...

and make some of this!

Keep warm. Drive safe and smart. Enjoy your family, friends, and snow!

He's Amazing!!

Snow; Day 2! Still loving it!
The boys are fascinated by the snow.
Loving every  minute it sticks around.

Our little piece of sunshine buried in the snow

Rockin little snowman buried in a 2nd coating of snow

The boys attempted to ride their bikes out in the snow, in the backyard this morning

Some of my favorite snow shots today
Out my kitchen window

This guy sits in my window sill

Another window decoration

Little bear fell asleep sitting on the couch.
Sweet bear was so tired!
The boys and I had an appointment this morning so we had to venture out into the fluffy white stuff! Daddy was scrapping all the ice and snow off my car I got the boys in the car. Bubba says to me, "Daddy is scratching the ice off your car so fast! He's Amazing!!" I just smiled and responded "yes he is buddy! Yes. He. Is!"
Driving in the snow is not new to me. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I do know how to do it.
I was only 10 mins late to our appointment, which I was impressed with.
The roads weren't to bad on the way there. mostly wet and slushy. Not really Icy at all. My gas light came on but that was the worst of it. 
Got to the appointment, the boys were amazing, which made me happy. and we were in and out fairly quick.  On the way home it was a Ice rink! Trucks were sliding everywhere. Cars were slamming on their breaks to get out of the way of the giant trucks sliding towards them. MAX Speed of 10mph. I decided to take the freeway. I figured that it would be cleared and be doing better than the in town roads...WRONG!!! Max speed there was 20mph. I was headed east. Going west I counted at least 4 accidents, in a 10 mile stretch. It was a MESS! I was stressed out! I was afraid I was going to run out of gas (I didn't thankfully), the Hubs had to get to work (he was taking my car because it's more reliable) and people were sliding all over the place. It only took me an hour to get home (a drive that usually only takes 20-30 mins). We made it home safely. Daddy made it to work safely. And the snow is still falling strong!!
So here's to the snow! May you enjoy it, drive safely in it, and enjoy every flake that falls onto your little piece of paradise!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh so Heavenly

There is nothing quite as magical as the first snow...especially if it's the first snow in your brand new house!

Naturally there had to be a snowman...

So you must teach your children how to build said snowman.
"bunch up some snow...make it into a ball and roll it"

"Like this?!"
-This is what you call a plan backfire-

Our snow man eventually got built. and I couldn't be more proud!

All I have to say is, Let it snow baby! Let.It.Snow!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buzz Lightyear?! NO WAY!!

Last night we took the boys to see Disney on Ice. If you've never been to this show, GO!! It is amazing! So cool. It had me in tears...I was so into the show that I didn't get any pictures of it but here are some of the boys waiting for the show to start. Sorry they're not the best quality, we got new phones and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to work my camera.
Bear and Daddy.

Bubba. with a good shot of the ice in the background
The look on his face when Mickey came out onto the ice was priceless and I wish I had gotten video of it...or at least  a picture!
We went to the "Let's Celebrate" show. They did all kinds of different celebrations. Starting with an unbirthday party with Alice and the Mad hatter. They did a Beach Party, Chinese New Year, Valentines day...Lots of different parties. The valentines day was funny because they celebrated love and all the prince and princesses...The boys were so bored! Bubba kept wandering between people, switching seats, fiddling with his fingers...Bear was just goofing off the whole time. It was so funny how NOT into the princesses they were, our nieces on the other hand were awe struck. Totally into it! During the intermission the boys were going on about how cool it was. and about how they wanted to know where Woody, Jesse, and Buzz were. When the show came back on they did a couple more, The beach party had a fire baton twirler which was cool, and they did a Japanese celebration of spring, They had a big dragon for Chinese New Year, and about 10 mins into the 2nd half,  Bear says "I want Buzz Lightyear!" Daddy and I just kept laughing saying, we know buddy, we know!
They closed with a celebration of Christmas and Santa, and wouldn't you know it...out comes Jesse, and then Woody, and then the man himself, Buzz Lightyear! I wish you could  have seen the look on Bears face when he saw them. It was pure Joy!! They boys were in Disney on Ice Heaven!! They got their Toy Story. and they were happy, thrilled, overflowed with joy! Bear was totally rocking out, waving, and yelling "IT'S BUH-YITEYEAR!!!"  It totally made me want to take them to Disney land. and it filled my heart and soul with joy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Crafty Me

I found THIS Tutorial on how to make a no sew Tutu for my costume and after I was done I decided to make some for my nieces.



Amelia's (we have to wait till she arrives to see it on her, ETA: Christmas week)

I loved making these for the girls and plan on making some more for other little girls I know.
since I have no girls of my own =(