Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LMM Giveaway!!

Little Miss Momma is one of My FAV "Mommy Blogs" I Can't remember exactly how I ran across it. But I'm So glad I did! They are doing an AWESOME Giveaway through Barn Owl Primitives. They are giving away these amazingly cool signs for your home! I LOVE This one! Anywho. Check em out. and enter to win one of the signs for your home!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sometimes. . .

Kids just wanna help

Boys just wanna run around in their Underwear

Ya just gotta let your 3 yr old take your picture
no matter how bad they are at it

A HUGE Pan of Baked Smokey Bacon and Cheesy Macaroni is all you need

You just have to run away

It's best not to care

You just have to let them dress themselves!

Being a Mom is the best job in the whole world!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Packing and Sprinklers

After an emotional breakdown (or 2 ... heh) We took our bed down, and turned our bedroom into a box room!

Which means now I feel like we're not cramped and getting shoved into a corner by the boxes that were slowly creeping out into the living room and dining room. It also means that I now feel like I have a place to put the boxes so that we can pack more.
Bubba decided to help pack up his books! He put them in. Taped it up. Put the label on and Pushed it back into the box room! He is such a good helper!

Summer decided to make it's grand appearance so Daddy went out and bought a sprinkler for the boys to run through! Bubba mostly just wanted to drink from it

Bear Ran through it! He loves all things H2O!!

After a failed attempt and Jumping over it...

They decided to stick with what they knew...Running away!

Today is a good day! I feel good, and I'm getting stuff cleaned up and packed up!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Knock Knock

Bubba has learned a knock knock joke! It is quite amusing to listen to him tell it because of how funny he thinks it is...which it's a pretty good one. He learned it off Blues Clues. Here it goes.
Knock Knock (giggle giggle)
Who's there?
Letter (Giggle Giggle)
Letter Who?
Letter in! She's keeps a knockin!!! AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Don't quit your day job kid! Hahaha!
I love my little comedian!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are we there yet?!

The answer is no. =( But we're close!!

The Deck is done...well. Almost. We still have to put the other post up wrap the posts and the put the rail up. But the "Hard" part is done! Hahaha
The man who built the deck. MY Man!!

The appliances are in! We had the choice of black, stainless steel and white. I chose white because stainless steel is hard to keep looking nice, black wasn't even considered and White...well. I LOVE White! You can bleach it so it's disinfected properly. It's a light color. It helps to keep the kitchen feel open. and's what I wanted. =)

Gas stove and oven.


Master bath. All the sinks are in and working

Tub/Shower Fixtures are in and working. I know be cause Greg Surprised me with a bubble bath in our new tub last week. It was AWESOME!! I am totally in love with these tubs!!

Bedroom doors are wood with white trim

Closet doors

Garage and Hall closet (this is the hall closet...obviously) Are white with white trim.

Can't forget about our sunny Garage door!

Gutters are up. Outside lights are in and working.

The boys are ready to move in...under the deck! I think anything would be better than the chaos of boxes and moving mess that we're in now =( Poor guys.

We are in the home stretch! We are looking at the middle to last part of august.
What you have to look forward to:
Finish up the baseboard trim inside
Carpet inside
Mirrors in the bathroom
Towel bars and TP Holder
Shelves in the linen closet
Sidewalk from deck to driveway (hopefully this will be poured Monday the 19th)
The posts railing and steps for the deck
.....Did I forget anything Daddy?!.......

The Rest of the Story

Apparently his workout was a little too much

Bubba decided that since Bear was sleeping, and apparently so was mommy, He would get into the food coloring and finger paint all over the cabinets, floors, and walls. Luckily it all came off really easy. Wish I could say the same for my now Tye-Dyed son!

After Bear woke up from his Birthday Siesta, We had his favorite lunch. Grilled cheese with pickles.
He was mad at me for taking a picture of his lunch

A little post lunch desert. Crystal candy suckers we got while we were camping in Lincoln City last week. (of which I no pics to prove)

At the end of the day, it's hard to believe he's already 2

A little indoor sprinkler action!
Love the baby booty!

Happy Birthday Bear!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthda Time

We did all of our Birthday Festivities this morning before Daddy went to work, since he works unconventional hours. So here it is! Bear's Birthday Morning!
Perfect Birthday Breakfast

I'm a huge fan of making birthday cakes! I'm no where near professional quality but I enjoy doing it and well...the boys don't care! I made a bear cake for our little Bear. Not bad for my first Piping job! I was pleased with how it turned out!

Daddy went out and got a special "2" candle for his cake!

He didn't even get too messy! We were VERY impressed!

Present time!
He loves this farm animal puzzle!

Present 2:
A motorcycle!
Sweet Ride Dude!!
He did ask Daddy for a helmet, which we found funny! At least we've instilled safety!

Nothin like a little Dancin with Paula to work off the Birthday cake!
this was Bubba's idea
So far we've had a Great Birthday! If the 2nd year is anything like today, I think we'll be ok!
Happy Birthday Bear! We love you!


2 years ago today this little Bear joined our family!

and what an adorable little Bear he is!

He has always been a joy!

He's always been fun

He's always been Rockin

He's always loved food!
this was the morning of his 1st b-day

He's our little Bear Biker

Today he's 2!

Happy Birthday Little Bear!!