Monday, October 25, 2010

Pics, Pics, And more Pics

Klickers in Walla Walla
Auntie K pulling the wagon. Ready to pick out our pumpkins.

Cousin D in front Bubba in back.

 Cousin E posing for his pic with the pumpkins

Bear insisted on pulling a wagon.
our little farmer

 Bubba liked Riding, backwards in the wagon

The slide. That's Bubba at the bottom looking up.

Cousin E



Perfect and extremely fun Fall outing!

What a Woman!

OK. So I know this isn't the BEST Picture of me but it's the one I'm going to use because it best represents the week we just had. crazy, chaotic, and a little tacky.  And yes. The woman I am referring to is Moi!

There are a lot of things I wish I could report about last week.
I wish I could report that no one was sick.
I wish I could report that I did dishes, laundry and picked up every day.
I wish I could report that we are 100% ready for Halloween.
I wish I could report that while trying to get the last little bit of my FAV. Lotion out of the bottle it didn't go flying across my bathroom.
I wish I could report that last week was like every other week....But it just wasn't.

So last weekend (14-19) I went to my parents house. The 17th was their 30th anniversary and that was something I wanted to be there for.  We had so much fun, as only my family can when we get together. Saturday we went to the local pumpkin patch where they had a giant slide that was set up on a huge hay pyramid. I have pics but am working on the size, for some reason they're really tiny!  Sunday was the big day. We stayed home from church because Bubba had a pretty nasty cough. I made a pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and squash. That night, I got the flu. Which basically sums up our whole week. My dad took the boys all day Monday so that I could hide in their basement, sleeping and, well, have the flu. Tuesday morning I felt better, not 100% but well enough to drive. and When I came upstairs, I learned that my dad now had the flu and my mom wasn't feeling the greatest either. They boys seemed to be doing pretty well so I decided to get them home and pray it was before either of them got sick. We made it 4 hrs into our 5 hr drive home and Bear started throwing up. Luckily he only threw up twice in the car and then only 3 times after we got home. that was Tuesday. Wednesday was good. No one puked, everyone was in good spirits, I thought for sure we were done. Thursday everyone seemed good again so we went out, ran some much needed errands and saw some friends. Thursday night/Friday morning, Isaac was throwing up. J.O.Y!!! Friday night, Daddy came home from work throwing up and was down Friday night and all day Saturday. He stayed home from church yesterday because he still wasn't feeling that great.
So now we've all had the flu, our house is a disaster, and we have 3 Halloween events this week! 4 if you count our date with Charlie Brown Thursday night.
On the plus side, I made my Tutu for my Halloween costume and It.Is.Awesome!! I'm totally addicted to making them now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

.In the Early Morning.

It's funny to me how when I was younger, and relatively clueless. I loved my mom. I appreciated my mom. I knew who my mom was and what she stood for.

Or at least I thought I did.

My mom worked hard. I mean just look at us. Our hair is done, our faces are clean, our outfits match at least one other person. We are all smiling, well almost all of us. The house is clean, decorated for the appropriate season and clutter free. But if you look even further, My MOM is smiling! and even looks like she means it! A lot of work went into this picture, which at (my guess would be) 5, I didn't appreciate as much as a I do now.
Now that I'm the Mom and am the one responsible for the matching outfits, clean faces and managed hair. The clutter free, clean, decorated house. The truly happy smiling faces. I gotta tell you. It's a lot of work, and not easy blow through it kind of work.
It's the kind of work where you start at NOON to have everyone ready by 6, and hope and Pray that everyone stays clean and shiny. But can't get to upset if they don't.
The kind of work where after everyone else is ready to go you rush to get yourself ready and hope you don't look rushed in the end. Because as we all know, once you shower and the rush, you can't rush to fast otherwise you sweat, and the the shower just wasted time.
The kind of work where you get up at 4 in the morning because your 3 yr old wont stop coughing, and then you stay up because by the time you get the 3 yr old calmed back down and possibly ready to go back to sleep, your 2 yr old gets up.
So. At 4 this morning as I was listening to my 3 yr old cough his toes up. I started thinking about my mom.
My mom who had a 3 yr old 4 times. My mom who cleaned rooms, sorted clothes, washed dishes, and uncluttered a home. My mom who most likely also rushed to get all 4 of her kids and herself ready for church that started at 830am. and then took all 4 of us by herself (My dad worked Sundays when I was little) and when we got there, relied on her friends and other members to keep an eye on us because she lead the music!
In everything that my mom did. It amazes me. It amazes me that she was able to do that AND create a warm, loving, and fun environment for her family and children.
This blog is to record, remember, and share memories I have of my mom. From my earliest remembrances to a phone call I had that day. All mixed up and in no particular order! Go check it out!

My mom loves music. Her house is always filled with some kind of music. We all played an instrument. whether it was your vocal chords, cello, flute, french horn, trombone, drums, violin, saxophones, piano, trumpet....lots of music. She spreads the love of music to her grandchildren.

30 yrs later, and they still got it!

Our most recent family picture.

This one's for you Mom!