Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The boys had their first professional teeth cleaning yesterday!
Bubba did really well. He's been to the dentist but not to have his teeth cleaned. He stopped her a couple times and kept telling us he just wanted to see the Dentist. It was really funny and the Hygienist was amazingly patient!

He has a hard time with stuff in his mouth and kept pushing her away but over all he did a great job!

As a reward she let him "play" with all the stuff

Bear has never, ever been to the dentist and he was not quite sure about it. He watched Bubba get his teeth cleaned but wasn't sure he wanted a turn so I had to sit with him.

This was as far as we got. She showed him everything  but then he wouldn't open his mouth for her to clean his teeth. So we'll try again later.

Bubba was so excited to see Dr. Dent, and when the hygienist told him that Dr Dent was busy and another dentist would come look at his teeth...it didn't go well.

So... Because we have an AMAZING Dentist, he took 10 mins to come see Bubba. The minute he walked in Bubba was so excited and proceeded to tell him everything that he had done in the past 3 weeks! He laid right down on the chair before the dentist could even get his gloves on!

Bear even let him take a peek!

Because Bear did such a good job (given his age and that it was his first time) they gave him a pair of gloves, which he put on all by himself...

and then wouldn't take off....

For anything!!

All in all it was a mostly successful trip to the Dentist. I'm super happy with this office and it's staff!  Isaac tripped and fell, knocking his 4 front teeth loose, so we are on soft foods for the next 2 weeks *sigh*
Love a life with boys!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

Daddy found his really cool thing to get our garden started.
it's a mini counter top greenhouse. It's super simple and it was a lot of fun to do as a family.

Just add water to the dirt pellets

Watch em grow

Pull the netting loose from the top
Isaac took this picture! Pretty cool huh?!

Poke the seeds in

Put the lid on

and a week later, you get some sprouts!

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poll Time

See this guy?!
He's been workin super hard. He's gone back to school and Working full time!
He has a research paper coming up and we need YOUR Help!! that's right! Yours, your spouses, If you have kids that drive, theirs too!  We need you to take this poll.

It is totally anonymous and only takes 2 seconds. It's only 5 questions, multiple choice.
So please help him out. How can you resist?! He's so cute!

We are super proud of him for taking this huge step to better provide for our family! He works hard and has been studying super hard as well!
Thanks for your help!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pics, Words, and a Story

Once upon a time there was a Pirate

and a Bear

They loved to read

They loved to play in the Dark

They have a funny little Cousin

They started a band
and they were Awesome

Their papa liked to read them all kinds of stories,
Especially about The Gruffalo

They were part of a band of Super Hero's
Buzz, D the Villain, Danger Mouse, and Pet Man

Their Mama's favorite thing to do was sit in front of a fire while they saved the world

When they weren't saving the world, they would find ways to pass the time

They are the worlds Greatest little boys and they are the reason for all of our adventures in this Great place we like to call home