Monday, April 30, 2012

5 Month Patio Boo Boo's

Baby Girl is 5 months old!!
as of May 1

And has found her toes

And her feet can grab things like a monkey

Update on the patio!
We finally got rid of the pile of dirt

Isaac is such a great helper. He has really learned how to use all the shovels and rakes and has even gotten into helping his dad dump the bags of rocks and sand out.

here is what Greg finished over the weekend!

I LOVE the way it's turning out!
Isn't Greg doing an AMAZING job! I wish I could help more than I am but someone has to make sure the kids don't tear the house apart while he's out rain or shine making sure we have a nice place to hang out in the backyard.

And here's some pictures of life
The boys racing their cars in the dining room while Ashley watches in amazement

Annnnnnd here is what happened at our house last night.
Gary was coming inside and biffed it on the new sidewalk. Greg picks him up and brings him in. I clean the blood off his knee and get him a rag to hold on it. In the meantime Greg and Isaac go back outside and Greg is telling him "See that's why we don't run" and the minute he gets to the back door Isaac takes off running and hits the pavement! So Greg picked him up and brought him in to sit next to Gary! Needless to say Gary is back up and running and Isaac is still hobbling around like he broke something. He will milk it as long as possible, and is not afraid to remind me that not too long ago I fell down and scraped my knee and it hurt for a long time! Hahaha Love that kid!

That's the news from lake Wobeegone!
all my NPR peeps will understand that one

Thursday, April 19, 2012


More work! Greg has been bustin his rear getting this done in time for us to enjoy this summer!
This is what it looked like this morning

He dug it up

and laid it down!

So this is what it looked like "Before"
(Just so you can appreciate his hard work. This picture was taken on the 3rd)

This is what it looks like now!

Good job dear! I'm very proud of all your hard work!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wrok work Work

So I believe when we left you last in way of progress on the sidewalk/patio, this was as far as we had gotten.

Well Saturday was an amazing day weather wise so while Ashley and I were at the parade having fun Greg and the boys were working hard!

The sidewalk now comes from the fence to the back of the house. The space for the patio is all dug out and we have a TON of grass clods
(so if you're looking for grass clods, come and get it)

Now we just have to dig it down far enough and get the pavers in!


Ashley has experienced some firsts this past week.
Greg takes the boys every year to the Monster truck show that comes in Jan. We decided that Ashly and I should have something we do every year just us girls. The Daffodil parade seemed to fit the bill quite nicely! Greg doesn't like crowds, I didn't want to fight with the boys while we were there, but I wanted to go. So I took Ashley to her first parade!

Mini horses

The clowns shot a fake person out of a cannon, which freaked all the kids out because they thought it was a real person.

Tractor club


and of course the giant daffodil

Ashley also got some cereal for the first time
uhhhh mom? it doesn't go there

She's not totally sold on the cereal

She also moved from the cradle to the crib!

Yay for firsts!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


This was the day after I got home...I think someone missed me

These two are buddies! She will laugh and talk to him as long as he'll sit there!

Progress on the sidewalk to the patio! The rock will go on both sides. We're using the rocks we dig up since our ground is so rocky.

Greg found a frog, he put it in a bucket long enough for the boys to see it and go crazy, and then we set it free.

This is how we date.
I turn up the dirt
Greg shovels

Ashley supervises

Isaac takes cool pictures of the clouds

and himself

Ashley is 4 1/2 months old and hadn't reached for anything yet.
I've been putting her in this and this morning she grabbed a toy and put it in her mouth!

And that's the latest on the home front!

Have a good one!

Mommy Vaca!

My husband rocks!! I mean rocks my socks around the clock!
My brother called me to tell me he was getting married and 2 weeks later my hubby bought me a plane ticket. Not our family. Not Ashley and I. Me, myself and I!  He took some days off so that he could stay home with the kids so that I could fly to Utah to be with my family and really enjoy my brother's wedding!
My mommy and I. Her parents and sister in the back.

My daddy and I

Tres Amigos
My Battle buddy and my dad!!

Mr and Mrs


I love this picture

My shoes had it out for me!
They were 4" heels (Which I don't wear) with no traction.
It was a rough shoe day!

My family!

My Dad and Brother

My mom and Brother

This was amazing! We love our brother!


My mom's "twins"
no. not actual twins. we are very close in age and have always been close like twins, so our mom calls us the twins she never had.

The cake

Of course my aunt/battle buddy had to help decorate the car

Heading out!

Saturday I had a day to just hang out with my parents! We had so much fun! We decided to give Five Guys a try and loved it!!!

First bite of Five Guys!

We also went to Temple Square and did some tours. We sat in the tabernacle for a while. and then toured the Joseph Smith building! What a gorgeous building with amazing views!

It was so nice to have a weekend to remember that I am more than just a mom and wife. I am a person! I love my husband for loving the person that is me and not just "his wife". I know that who I am is important. I know that who I am makes up who "mom and wife" are. It's hard to explain, but also know that most of you get what I'm talking about.  It's nice to be you as an adult without anyone to worry about besides how you're feeling.
I love my family more than anything! I would do anything for them. But I think that it's important to take time to rejuvenate so that you can be a better wife and mother. And remember that in being those 2 important people, you are an individual with likes and dislikes all your own. Sometimes we get lost in taking care of other people constantly that we forget to take care of ourselves so It was nice to have a weekend where I could do that!
I had so much fun hanging out with my family and creating so many fun, ridiculous memories!
for the 1 billionth time, Thanks hunny for my vacation! Love you lots!