Thursday, August 16, 2012

Katsup in Pics

Sorry for the disappearance....we've been hot...and busy.....

We went on our big family trip this year to my extended family reunion! It was down in northern CA and it was HOT and FUN!!!
My Grandma and Grandpa

For reference, this is a pic of our old tent,
just enough room for a queen size air matress & a sleeping bag.

Since our family has expanded since the last time we went camping,
we bought a new tent!!!!

A significantly larger tent!!!

and I LOVE it!!!!

There is a TON of room, plus some to roam

We had 2 sleeping bags, a 1/2 crib, a queen size air mattress, a camping chair and 2 suitcases in there, and still had room to walk around and stand up!!!!

While we were there we floated the Klammath river

Greg took the boys so that they could see me float down the river

My Aunt, Brother, Brother's wife, and I.

The river run is about 4 miles and there are some pretty heavy bumps. It takes 1.5-2 hrs.
We would be the 4 dots on the left.

Ange and I coming in for a landing

Getting out is a very delicate process. If not done properly, you're likely to just fall out.

Luckily none of us fell out, although Deb just about drifted away, Derek pulled her back in!!

After the river it was time for a swim!!
Gary is our fish. He LOVES to be in the water and is quite good at it!

Saturday I helped with lunch along with my 2 awesome aunts and my sister in law
Ange, Sonya, Deb, Amy

I was in charge of the games this year (which I LOVED by the way...So much fun)
and so I made a giant water blob! It was amazing.
It took 4 times as long as I thought it would to fill up
(which may or may not have led to an emotional breakdown =/ *oops*)
But once it was full it was awesome and everyone had a blast!!!

On our way home we decided to take the scenic route home and stop by the Oregon coast
Ashley's first trip to the beach

The boys were excited to be at the beach!

Sandy toes make me happy!

After some coaxing I finally got Isaac to stand in the very cold water
This is right before he got knocked over by that wave coming in.

Gary liked to stand in the water, but he liked throwing sand in the water even more.

The boys waiting for the water to get their toes

After 2 wipe outs, and 2 wet sandy boys, we decided to pack it in and head for home

A very successful trip to the beach!


Ashley is growing fast.
She is now 8 months old and has 4 teeth!!
She is loving eating all kinds of fun foods!
Eating a green bean from our garden

Greg and I celebrated our 8yr anniversary and so I made a Mint cheesecake with chocolate Ganache

Our Garden is thriving this year and it has been fun to go out and have something to pick every day.
We had beans, corn, carrots, pumpkins and strawberries.
The pumpkins are totally taking over.
The beans are done producing so we pulled them to give the pumpkins more room
Random neighborhood cats kept digging up the corn so we had to replant that.
The carrots have been doing well, and we still have about 4 still growing.
The strawberries have been fun and we've had anywhere from 1-2 a day - 4-5 every other day!!
Pumpkins are taking over, carrots, corn (still growing) strawberries

Ms Ashley has enough hair for a CindyLoo Whoo type ponytail, which I just can't get enough of!!

And that about sums it up!!
like I said, we've been hot and busy this past month!!

Something to look forward too?!
My Birthday, and Isaac's first day of Kindergarten (which coincidentally happen on the same day)