Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In a nutshell!

We have come to the conclusion of yet another year. It was pointed out to me today that I left you hangin this year and for that I apologize!! 8 posts in one year is shameful! Especially since just 3 years ago I managed 88 posts in a year!!  So, in an attempt to get back into your good blog graces - I thought I would give you a little synopsis of our year! Sounds fun  huh?!!!! =D

January - Ashley's hair was finally long enough for pig tails. It's now long enough for a regular ponytail and when it's dried, her curls are hitting the bottom of her shoulder blades!!

February- February was filled with pirates and pixie dust, which I'm still vacuuming up in some areas!!

Marc- Ashley discovered the joy of apples and the relief they could be on her teething gums. It's hard to believe that she now has  full set of teeth - just workin on those darn 2 yr molars.

April- We added to our family. 2 fish! We've tried to add more but these two little guys have held true and killed off any buddies we've tried to give them.

May- Mother's day! So many homemade gifts and cards!!

June- Isaac's first school concert!!!

July- Our little slugger got his very own baseball equipment so that he can achieve his dream of playing for the Mariners some day!

August- VACATION!!! Girls camp, a week at my moms, and camping in Or. It was definitely the highlight of the summer!!

September- BACK TO SCHOOL!!! 1st grade and preschool!!! Both are top of their classes! I am one proud mama!!

October- Halloween was fun with these 3!! They were amazing everyone LOVED Their costumes!

November- Thanksgiving at mom's!! This was taken durring a movie....or a football game....either way. We know how to snuggle down and have a good time!

December- Our princess turned 2!!! It's hard to believe she's 2 and potty training like a big girl! She is VERY vocal and definitely has her own opinions about life and how it should be run! She's also a smidgen stubborn....not sure where that came from!

So there you have it! The Buchanan's year in a nutshell!
I promise next year to be better. At least once a month would be nice eh?!

See ya next year!