Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I like to be Spontaneous, it's one of the reasons I don't work. 
I like to do things like decide to go to my mom's and be gone 3hrs later.
A lot of people have asked why we didn't upgrade to a van, or larger vehicle when we had our 3rd baby.
This is why!!
Find me a van/suv that gets this kind of gas milage consistantly and we'll upgrade!

This is my favorite part of a road trip....when they all are asleep!

When we got to my mom's house of course we had to have music time. Gary played, Isaac conducted, Ashley ate her toes, and aparently I wasn't singing loud enough.

All my babies have been terrfied of the dogs. I always feel bad when we go somewhere and the poor dogs have to be chained up or put outside because my boys scream bloody murder when a dog comes near them.
Ashley LOVED the dog!! It was so funny to watch her coo and laugh everytime Cassie came near her.

I love this picture because it really shows off how rolly polly her legs are.
I love every single one of those little chubs!

My mom decided that since we were going to be there for a week she and Dad would get their pool set up.
The boys had fun playing in the sand.

She had a smaller pool that she decided to fill with water for them to play in while they were waiting for the big pool to be set up.
As you can see, they couldn't even wait for that to get full of water!

A little sun time to dry off.

Papa became even more awesome (if that was possible) once they found out he had a friend that owned his very own dump truck, and then dumped a bunch of sand in the driveway!

When it's time to come inside and get out of the sun, there is nothing better than playing the piano with your Nana.

Isaac has really bad allergies and my mom has this cooling eye pack (they come in those spa kits) and Isaac loved it to help relieve him of his itchy eyes.

The boys had been wanting to have 'smores while we were there and it was really rainy the day we were going to do them.  Papa, being the super hero he is, built a fire in the fire place and we put a sheet on the floor and got our 'smore on!

It was a fun trip! I'm glad  I married a man who is able to support our family so that I can take the kids and do fun things like this.
Thanks Mom for letiing us drop in on you for a week.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mama's Day

Mama's Day was AWESOME!!!
Greg's parents came up on Saturday and we celebrated by lighting the first fire in our new fire pit!





They were so good Isaac was dancing around!

Even Gary, who doesn't normally care for 'smores...I know right?!, got in on the goodies!

It just makes me

The boys made me White Chocolate chip pancakes with Bacon and eggs!!
Isaac decided to read a book and pulled the phone book off the shelf. Greg and I started laughing and I told Isaac that when he was a baby I would give him the phone book to tear up and he would laugh and laugh sitting there tearing up this book.
So they decided to tear it up!

It was so much fun!

Gary was in the bath and when he came out and saw what they had done he was very disappointed!
I believe he said "No. Good!"

Then Isaac discovered he could Slide on the paper!

Gary was much more approving of the mess after that.

The boys got me a crown and jewels and a wand for Mother's day. Gary wanted to try it on!

I say it was a very successful Mother's Day. I felt very loved and appreciated and spoiled...and that's really what it's all about!

Thanks boys for a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


What do you do when you can't sleep?!
Do you watch TV?
Check Facebook?
Watch a movie?

My husband builds things....

Like an AMAZING Fire pit!

I LOVE the way it turned out!!

He found these really cool blocks that were kind of red

And since I love red, he got some!

Patio is DONE!!!!

Raised flowerbed is done!
still need 2 blocks at the end and flowers...

Fire pit is DONE!!


A whole new world!
It makes it so much warmer and brighter!!!
Perfect place to recharge!

Can you hear the angels sing?! Because I sure can!! I am so happy with our new backyard!! It looks amazing and I will admit! when I saw it this morning, I cried! I want to spend all day every day out there!!! As for today I have to spend it inside doing all the laundry I've been ignoring for the past week....
But Greg's parents are coming over tonight and we will be OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Solar Powered

I'm known for having inherited my mothers solar powered personality.
Now that spring has decided to actually show up I can sit out side and recharge in the morning!
Ashley decided to join me...although her battery apparently charges faster than mine, and she inherited her father's long term sun tolerance....when she's charged, she's done.

Finishing up the sidewalk

Cutting some pavers

The boys had to watch from inside since he had never cut one and wasn't sure if stone would go flying or not.
We were very impressed with the precision!

Now the paver part of the backyard project is done!
from the garage door

patio with "sample fire pit"

What the fire pit will look like
We are also using the same stone under the playroom window (the window to the right) for the raised flower bed.

This window is where the raised flower bed will be.
from patio to shed

The man behind the project admiring his hard work!!!

I am SO in LOVE with how it turned out!! I can't wait until the fire pit is done so that we can hang out around the fire roasting marshmallows and hot dogs!!!!  It makes me want to scream I'm so excited! I'm so happy I married such a  hard working man who loves to work outside and be productive!!!   It looks amazing and he has done such a GREAT job!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Step by Step

Raise your hand if your next thought was "day by day, fresh start over a different hand to play"
Raise your hand if you are now singing the whole song!
Now raise your hand if you actually raised your hand!

Moving on

Lots of work got done today and we are almost done with the patio!!!
Keep in mind that each of these bags are 50lbs a piece!!

Getting gloves on and a drink of water before we get to work

Cut the bags open

Stand them up so it looks like some kind of paver base bag grave yard

have the boys dump out contents!

Gary workin hard!
remember, 50 lbs bag of rocks that is 1/2 dumped out. So he's probably dumping out a good 25lbs of rocks here!!

Did it all by himself


Rake out the rocks

Isaac takes over the camera
Isaac takes over camera

This is what it would look like if you were hiding behind our house


A close up of the pavers after they have been laid

A small break to water the garden

By 9:30 they decided they needed to take their shirts off and haven't put them back on since. It's almost 70.

Sweep the sand in


Almost done! Just have to dig the fire pit, finish the sidewalk to the shed and do the raised flowerbed under the playroom window!