Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fun pictures

Here is some fun things that have been happening at our house lately.

Greg gave Ashley a tiny taste of chocolate ice cream a couple weeks ago and later that week I was having myself some of the yummyness and I looked up to see this look.
Wow baby girl...WOW!

We bought the boys a sing along dinosaur book and they LOVE it!! I put it on while making dinner the other day and turned around to see that they were sitting on the floor reading and singing to their sister. So sweet!

I was cleaning the house and kept hearing the water turn on and off so I went in to the bathroom to see what was going on.  Gary was cleaning the bathroom!!  He cleaned off the counter (and put everything away in the right place), wiped it off, wiped the floor, and has started cleaning the toilet when I told him that he had done enough!

We got this clean up set for Isaac for his birthday and he uses it almost daily!
He decided to mop for me.
I love how helpful my kids are!

Ashely mesmerized by the animals

Isaac's school put on a Father's day lunch and they got to show off some of what they do at school.

This makes me excited for summer!
Our neighborhood ROCKS!

It was so warm on Saturday day (like 55, which when it's been -1billion degrees for the past 10 yrs, that's warm) so we busted out our shorts, tank tops and set up an obstacle course for the boys.

Annnnnnd THIS is what happened when Mommy forgets that a certain someone is allergic to the ONLY sunscreen that his brother is NOT allergic too!
Poor Gary looks like he was in a bar fight!

I HAD to order this baseball bow from a friend.
of course I ordered 2 more in appropriate Tacoma Rainier's and Seattle Mariner's colors from another friend (they should be here after Easter)

Ashley is such an amazing sleeper! She will be 4 months on the first of April and is already sleeping through the night 5/7 nights! I can even put her in bed wide awake and as long as she has a cozy blanket wrapped up tight around her, she'll go to sleep!

Gary trying on Ashley's bow

Isaac filled up his reading sticker chart at pre-school!
He gets a sticker when he's read a book twice. The last book he brought home is in the 1st Grade reading level series!!

And that's a taste of what's been happening in our neck of the woods!

Happy Spring!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Game Day

Here's some therapy for you.
Items needed:
Push pin

Take push pin

Have your kids throw balloons at you.
see the green ghost like swish in the middle of the pic?
That used to be a balloon!
Pop them with the push pin MID AIR!!!

Results? Your kids think you're AWESOME! You get to destroy stuff which always makes you feel better.
And if your lucky, a pretty cool picture of balloon mid pop and your 3 yr olds reaction to the pop!

Have a good day! I know we are!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Oh yah! We've had a Birthday, shout HOORAY!

Ace, Bubba, Big Brother, Isaac. Is. 5!!!!
You can't really tell here but he is covered in mud, sitting in the basket of clean laundry. why? Because he's 5! That's why!

When asked what kind of cake wanted he said "a square green tie-dye cake"
You got it!

and he wanted everything GREEN!!!!

We did a "High five for 5" theme so of course we had to make hand masks!
Isaac Aka "Birthday Boy"




Makayla and Greg
We bought green hair for our family to wear but Greg was the only one who didn't chicken out when the party started! Good job hunny! That's why I love you!



After our masks we let the kids play for a bit.
We had a balloon room

The Play room
-which by the end of the party was worse than it is here-

The reading corner

The craft table

and then my camera died!! =( So I don't have any pictures of presents or the "put the lid on the play-doh can" game we played, or....wait *realizing I put batteries in our old camera, now where is it?*pause*

So while my camera battery was charging, we used the boys (My old camera) camera for some pics.

Here is the Birthday boy waiting for his Birthday song.

Most everyone enjoying the cake and ice cream

Wat was left of the green tie-dye cake
Annnnnd then THAT camera's batteries died!!!

However, my camera has charged a bit.
This is what Gary and I got Isaac for his birthday. A kid sized cleaning set. Broom and dust pan, mop and bucket, dust mop....Cool!

This was Ashley pretty much the whole party. Sleeping, with someone holding her!

Isaac also got a Model car to do with his Dad
He got a lot of books! Which he's so excited about!
A hot wheel track which has found a very nice home attached to the window sill in the play room.
A game "What's in Ned's Head" Which if you don't have GO GET IT NOW!!! It's so cool!!
He got a transformer which hasn't left his side
He got some new monster trucks!
It was a great birthday and he had a great time at his party! Thanks to everyone who came!
And for those who were wondering, yes, he, Gary and his cousin Alex were the only boys at his party!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trip in 1,000 pics!

We recently made a trip to Utah to see Greg's Grandparents. In more pictures than words, here it is.

Going over Snoqualmie pass

Isaac loves road trips.

Clouds over Yakima

Watching Cars (how we survived the 17hr road trip)

All 3 kiddos

It was so windy! A tumbleweed stuck to our car

Going over the Blue Mountains

This is what road trips are all about. Family bonding!

I thought it was cool how you could see the rain/snow cloud line!

She was so happy every time we stopped and she got to get out, even though you can't really tell here.

Her hair looked so red in the sunlight.

Ashley with her Great-Grandpa

I love the way she's straining to see her Great-Grandma

Playin catch phrase

The boys had so much fun jumping on this!

laughing and talking with Grandma

Isaac was in train heaven

Gary wanted to play, I told him he had to just watch.

Crowd part 1 (all family)

Crowd part 2 (all family)

Boys playing at Aunt Larae's

Ashley ready for church

Sleepy baby.

Isaac fell asleep holding Ashley's hand while she was screaming at him.

Playing with Uncle Derek

Laughs for Uncle

Isaac snuck in!

She loves to smile and laugh

*wink* Partners in crime

Playing candy land with Aunti Ange

Feet! Greg, Sonya, Ashley

Our dirty dirty car.

after the car wash
We had such a fun time, even though it was quick. 15 hr drive. There for 24 hrs, 17 hr drive home. It was so worth it to see family and have Greg's grandparents meet Ashley. The boys did amazing in the car, only a couple minor meltdowns (but when you're stuck in the car for 15 hrs you can expect to have a couple. Ashley did amazing. We stopped to feed her every 3 hrs. We would stop so I could feed her and Greg would take the boys to run around, play some games, and get some wiggles out while I fed Ashley in the car. We would put them all back in the car and go another 3-4 hrs!  Our kids travel so well they amaze me sometimes. On the way home we drove all night. We left about 8pm and got home about 1pm the next day. We just switched off driving and sleeping. It worked out really well and made the trip easy because all of the kids slept all night so we didn't have to make as many stops. It took longer to get home because we went a different way, and coming out of the Blues, going down Cabbage hill it was SO foggy and snowy that we could hardly see 3 feet in front of our car! It was Scary but luckily Greg is a superstar driver, kept his cool and got us home safely!