Monday, July 25, 2011

Status Update

So you know how things happen through out your day and you think "Oh man that would make the greatest Facebook status?!"  We totally had one of those weekends where we could have flooded Facebook with goofy things that got said, or done. It seemed like everything we did or said was so funny or random we wanted to share it with everyone! Maybe they're only funny to us, but I decided to share anyway.
Things like:
*Greg says to me "I wish I was 1/2 as sexy as you" and I reply, "you are!"

*Sitting in the wal-mart parking lot and Gary says "Hey Mom! I can see the mountain!" (Mount Rainer) And Isaac says to him "That's not a mountain Gary! That's just an Old pile of dirt!"

*The boys have been chasing a fly around the house for 20 mins trying to feed it a dried up macaroni noodle

*I was painting the dresser we're going to use for Ashley and ended up with paint all over my feet. Isaac wanted me to come inside and look at something and I told him I couldn't because I had paint all over my feet. and with a straight face he said "I can't solve your problems Mom"

*Greg was trying to teach Isaac his favorite saying 'You're right, I'm wrong, I'm sorry' and when it came out Isaac ended up saying "I'm sorry you're wrong"

*Me-"Isaac pick a number between 1 and 5"   Isaac-"15!!!"  CLOSE--But no!

*Isaac told me this morning that Michael Jackson is his favorite guy ever!!

*We were having ribs last night for dinner and Gary (who had eaten all 3 of his) says to Isaac (who has eaten 1 1/2) "Isaac, can I have that big rib?! Cuz I really like big ribs!"

So there you have it. A small, funny (even if it is only to us) glimpse into our weekend.  Oh yah. and because I have issues with leaving you picture less. We also did some of this:

Daddy had to show the boys how it's done!
I would have but I hear that jumping on to your stomach isn't good when your pregnant

Safety first! Always!

Our water child! Doesn't matter what form, if there is water, this kid is in it!!


And I will probably be in trouble for this one but I HAD to!! It is one of the main reasons I married this man!
He's just one Big Kid!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Have I told you lately...

That I love you?!

Today is one of those days where you're really grateful for your husband and all that he does to take care of your family.
Today is one of those days where you're really grateful you married a man that is such a wonderful dad.
Today is one of those days where the minute he walks out the door you're counting the hours and minutes until he gets home.
Today, is one of THOSE days.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1/2 Way

22 weeks

Just in case you were wondering;
We're over 1/2 way there!
We got Bears room painted and Bubba moved in.
Our little girls wardrobe is slowly growing (which has been way to much fun) and everyone around us is so excited to meet this little girl!
I'm feeling better and boy have the cravings hit hard. Everything sweet and salty. Chocolate, Potato chips and Chinese food seem to be top 3. It's been kind of fun having cravings because I didn't really crave anything with the boys.
She's getting to be more active so I can really feel her moving around. That is my favorite part of pregnancy.
The boys are so excited. They talk to her daily and can't wait to have a little sister.
Life is good and keeps getting better!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bear turns 3!!

Can't believe that our little bear is 3!!
His first gift of the day was from his Nana and Papa who bought hm an exercise trampoline.

In preparation for our little girl we set up the boys bunk beds and moved the boys into the same room.
we painted one of the walls so Daddy and Bubba sat on the bed to watch it dry.

My sister came up and we had a girls night out/Spa party. She's a consultant for BeautiControl which does professional spa products. It was really nice and this sleep mask was my gift for hosting the party!

Bear Blows out the candles

I made Bears on the Beach cupcakes

This is what our house has been like with a trampoline. Jumping, sweaty, and full of squeals and laughter. Good times!

All in all it was a fun time. Bear is now 3 and is loving every minute of it!!
Happy Birthday Bear!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I love this picture because it looks like she's giving us thumbs up
Her hand is the little football shaped object on the bottom left

Daddy wasn't able to go with me to the ultra sound (which we were ok with because it is our 3rd child, and the 3rd ultra sound for this baby) So After my appointment I went to the dollar store and put this together and took this into him at work.
He was shocked! He was positive we were having another boy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

First of all;
How CUTE are these 2?! Their cousin was having her Birthday Party and they picked out their own clothes and wanted me to "put their hair up"

4th of July! Independence Day!
We had a Blast!!
Bear HATES Fireworks so he spent a good portion of the day wearing his ear muffs. And MORE than happy to do it!

Bubba was fine with the fireworks, but the later it got, the louder it got so he decided he needed some too.
He also has a new hobby he's working on. The Hula Hoop

I figured that since our last family picture was when Bear was 6 months old, and he'll be 3 on the 15th, we needed a new family pic. So here it is!

The boys LOVED having their cousins over to play all day!

Our neighborhood had a small block party to celebrate our Independence!
This was before it really got goin!
Needless to say, we really know how to party!

And since Bear hated the fireworks, I spent the first part of the evening inside, in the kitchen playing and talking (which was more like yelling since he couldn't hear me with his ear muffs on) with him. He was perfectly happy, as long as we were in the kitchen, with his ear muffs on.

I, of course, made a cake!
Which was very patriotic, both outside

The brave ones doing the sparklers (Or Sprinklers and Mickey kept calling them)

This is my fav. Picture of the night!

Bubba safe and comfy on the porch

Bear safe and comfy in the kitchen

I went out and bought some Crayola Glow Chalk for the kids to do. It was pretty cool.
Some of the art work

Awwww. So sweet!
He put on a great show for everyone!

Bubba had to take a little rest. No he's not asleep.

But it didn't take long for him to get that way.
Bubba's first sleepover!

All in all it was a GREAT day! There was amazing food. Laughing kids. A Pool, slip n slide, water balloons, fireworks...So much fun!

Oh- and did anyone notice the name change of our blog?!

Meet our little Girl!

Time to go Shopping for pink paint and dresses!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

If you chance to meet a frown

Do not let it stay!
Quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away.

No one likes a frowny face,
Change it for a smile!
Make the world a better place by smiling all the while!

I Love this clip. I think it's a wonderful reminder of how good we all have it. It always brings me back down off my spoiled high horse and reminds me that Life is AMAZING! There are so many convinces that we all take for granted! It's a clip full of quotes my mom will remind us of. "Could you give it a second?! It has to go to SPACE!!" being one of the most quoted.

These past 2 weeks have been one for the books at our house. We've all been sick....well except Bear who somehow was only sick for 3 days and has now somehow avoided the whole mess.
Bubba got a cold, which turned into pink eye. I got his cold (luckily not the pink eye) and I just can't get rid of it. Daddy got the cold from me and now HE can't get rid of it. Isaac (2 weeks later) woke up with a fever of 103 and I couldn't get it to come down. He wouldn't eat, but he was staying hydrated. on the afternoon of the 2nd day of his 103 fever I called the Dr. and they got me right in (Amazing) They did a strep test which came back negative, that surprised the Dr because when she swabbed his throat she could see how red and swollen it was. (amazing that they can swab and have results in 10 mins). So she gave him the antibiotics for strep and today (2 days later) He is up and back to his energetic, constant talking self (Amazing). Daddy and I are still coughing our toenails up but hey, at least the boys aren't sick!
And if a silly cold that lasts 3 weeks is our only problem I'd say we're doin alright!

Life is Amazing. And we should all be happy about that!