Monday, June 28, 2010


A HUGE Update on the house!!
First off...
We got our driveway and Garage door!
We've started our deck
Got our "ding-dong button" As Bubba likes to call it!
This is the Dining room light
Bedroom lights
Kitchen Cabinets are up, and in
Counter top down
LOVE my cabinets
with pull out faucet!
Bathroom lights
Toilets in...and working!
Daddy putting the doorknob on our bedroom door
Bubba and Bear's Rooms

Box of Crayons

Lot 1: TJ and Rose

Lot 2: Brandon and Tracy

Lot 3: Lucas and Dani

Lot 4: Starr

Lot 5: Ivis and April

Lot 7: Hesham and Ohma

Lot 17: Greg and Sonya

Lot 18: Nick and Jasmine

Lot 19: Jennifer

Friday, June 25, 2010

Patience Grasshopper!

I'm trying to find a new look for our blog. Your patience is appreciated! =)  An AWESOME update on the house when I'm done.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A day in the life of...

Bubba had to go potty. So I sent him into the bathroom. I go back in 30 secs later to see if he needs any help. I find him in between the toilet and the counter. I tell him he needs to get his pants off and go potty...Then I see it...the face. The one that says it's more than potty that needs to go into the potty. I hurry over only to discover that he's already gone some. I'm hurrying to get his undies off and him on the potty and he's STILL POOPING! I tell him to stop while i get it cleaned out of his underwear and into the toilet. Set him down....Phew! !0 mins later...He's done. Before I can get to him he's hopped off the toilet and grabbed the toilet paper. He proceeds to attempt to wipe his own bum. So now he's got poop all up his back and smeared all over the toilet. I decide the poop up the back was a lost cause to get mad at so I go get the cleaner out of the laundry room and when I come back the toilet is FILLED with toilet paper! ARGH!!!!! I escort him out of the bathroom to clean the poop off his back, OH! and did i mention I slipped in a puddle of PEE while doing so?! No?! Well I did! We get the wipes out of the closet, get him cleaned up and go back to clean the pee off the floor, poop off the toilet and pull some of the toilet paper out so that I can flush the toilet. All in all...Isaac got a wipe sponge bath (yes he's getting a real one tonight) and the bathroom has been cleaned (for the 2nd time this week).

Oh yah...and he keeps jumping off everything saying "Kalabungo!!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How Cool Are You?!

We're This Cool!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paint.Paint.And more Paint

Well. I spent a week at my mom and sisters to hold little Ty and Loved every second of it!! When I came home I found this!! My sweet Hubby had painted our house! I love my sunshiny yellow house!!
I also love that he rides his bike out there, and then parks it in the garage!
This is what I did all day Saturday! and I have the tan to prove it. I almost have all the trim painted and it looks Awesome!!

I love Love LOVE our yellow house!!!
I also love our cabinets!! The only problem is...they were built backwards so they have to go back to get switched.  The sink is on the wrong side of this one and the dishwasher slot is on the wrong side of another cabinet. No worries. It shouldn't take long to get it fixed.
We also go the final grade for our yard.
This is our Easter street! We have Green, Purple, and of course, Yellow. When you stand on the sidewalk looks like Easter!

Next House related blog to look forward to: Driveway, Correct Cabinets, and Deck!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How is it?!

How is it that no matter how many times you tell them NOT to...They continue to pull the cushions off the chair!?
How is it that after a bazillion time outs, they STILL hit, kick, and scream at each other?!
How is it that after screaming and fighting all day long they still find the energy to fight, like their life depended on it, Bed time.
How is it that 2 people so small can make something so simple as making Mac and Cheese take an entire hour!?!
How is it that they can go from playing and reading so nicely together and in a fraction of a second be screaming and trying to kill each other?!
How is it that 2 little boys can such a huge mess in such a short amount of time?!
And after all that......
How is it that they are still so stinkin cute?!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Big P.T. Part II

Well we've learned a lot these past 2 weeks with all this potty training business.
*Never underestimate the will of a 3 yr old.  If he needs to, he will. If he doesn't, he wont. It's just that simple!
*Soap. Stock up on it. They go through it like crazy, especially if they're in there every 45 mins to an hour going potty! I swear we went through 1/2 a bottle just this last week!
*Cut all liquid supply after 5 pm. Otherwise he will be up till 10pm every 30 mins needing to go potty!
*The first day he goes all day with no accidents you'll wanna scream, I actually did!

So far Bubba has gone 2 days in a row with no accidents. After each day I have felt like I could Conquer the world! I could do anything! I also had an extra scoop of Ice Cream! His victory is our victory! The thought of having 1 less diaper to change, the fact that the diapers will last longer, it thrills me, and us, and everyone!!
Potty Training is not easy. If you just take it one day at a time, and remember that he wont be the only kid in kindergarten in diapers (mainly because they have to be potty trained to start school), he'll get it! He'll do it! Some kids are more stubborn than others. Some kids are not as diligent. Some you really have to stay on them to go.  Bubba did really well! I think it was harder for me than him. I'm not good at remembering to remind him, and I don't have a lot of patience to stand in there and wait for him to go. But he got it, he did it, and I fee like we're nearing the end of this potty training journey, at least until it's Bear's turn. So for all you who are entering or considering or going on this not so wonderful journey, Keep at it. Dive in head first! Go at it and go strong! Muscle your way through Day 5 because that is the day that you will want to give up! Don't let him give up and you don't either! It will happen and you will be much happier when it's done!! Good luck!


First of all...
Our walls have been textured!!!!
Which means.......We can paint em!!!!
There was SOOO Much paint in the air!

It was a lot of fun to use the sprayer and get all covered in paint! Made me feel Super cool!! 
(Insert Cheesy Grin and Thumbs up here)
OK. Here's the disclaimer.
This IS the WORST Picture of me in the entire world and it should be burned. You know that saying "the camera adds 10 lbs. Well that day, it added about 20.
However! It is the only picture we have to show just how messy we really got!!
My shoes, used to be black. My hair was white, totally white. and I had what I like to call a reverse Farmers tan!! All in all. it was a great, Super Messy day! And now, our walls are painted!!

As soon as we get a nice day we'll be able to paint the out side!