Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Things In Life

Stories from Papa

Fishin with Dad
To read about Bubba's 1st Fishing trip go here

Popcorn for a movie

Music and books

A big bowl of water to play in

Your First Fish

And after an amazing weekend with your Nana and Papa, Sleepin in Mom and Dad's bed!

We had an AMAZING Memorial Day weekend. Full of food, family and being thankful for the freedoms we have to enjoy such activities!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

13 weeks 3 Days

We had our "confirm your due date" ultrasound today and I am 13 weeks and 3 days! Which means the due date has not changed. Nov. 20th.
Here are some pics of our little baby!

They were even nice enough to give us a cute little frame
We find out what the gender is in July.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Bunny Foo Foo

A couple days ago Bubba came in telling me he saw a bunny in our backyard.
"A Bunny?!" I thought. It's possible...I guess.
And tonight when I looked out the window to make sure the backyard toys were put away and the boys shoes and socks were not left out, 
(Because they have a knack for putting shoes and socks on to GO outside and then taking them off once they get outside, leaving them to be picked up, hopefully, before bedtime)
I saw it! A Bunny in our backyard!!
I quickly grabbed my camera put on my flip flops and went out back to see if I could be sneaky enough to catch a picture of our new friend.
Once out side I quickly realized that Flip Flops probably weren't the best idea so I took them off and tip toed through the grass to retrieve the shoes and socks snapping pictures as I went.
This is how close I got before he....or she hopped back under the fence.

When I came back in and showed Bubba the pictures he said "Oh THANKS Mom!!!!" and gave me a huge hug! I'm hoping he's not under the impression that I GOT him a bunny....just pictures of the one he saw.

Friday, May 13, 2011

See these 2?!
How could you not love them?!
There are many many things I love about these two!
They are my life. My reason for doing what I do. 
They are the cause of the white (not Gray, WHITE) hairs I find on my head weekly.
They are the reason I don't do anything about my new found highlights.
They are the reason I laugh, cry, and scream, Multiple times a day.
They are the reason for a lot of things...
There is one thing that I'm not crazy about (GASP!! SHOCK!!! I know!!!)
These two precious little angels have a tendency to wake up at 6:30 Every Morning!!!!

Despite my best efforts to help them sleep in, 630 is the magical number.
I've kept them up later. They normally go to bed about 8.
I've ran them outside before bed.
Lavender bath, Lavender lotion, Lavender air fresheners.
You name it, we've probably tried it.

So here is my question...
How do you get YOUR precious little angels to sleep past 7?
Because even when you go to bed at 9, 630 is too early to be getting up!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I was serious when I said we were havin a baby!
This is at our 12 week ultrasound.
We will be having another next week because after this one, the Dr. isn't so sure I'm quite 12 weeks yet so next week we will have a better one to determine just how far along I am.
The feet are on the left, head is on the right. and this is a side view. Baby is looking up.

Another month...ish before we know boy or girl so get your vote in!
and yes...there is only 1 baby so you only need to vote once! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was going to wait till we found out the Gender of this wee one that has graced us with it's presence, but since there has been so many guesses, I wanted to throw it out there and open it up to the public!
We are expecting our 3rd child (which still sounds odd to me) in November.  November 20th to be exact. Which is precisely 4 days before Thanksgiving and 7 days before Daddy's birthday.  Needless to say, We're hoping for an early baby! And who knows because Bubba was 11 days late, and Bear tried coming on his due date but didn't come till the next day. Soooooo It's anyone's guess!
Now for the  "how are you feeling?" question.  NOT GOOD!  I always have horrible Morning sickness but this one has been worse. It could be because I have 2 little hooligans I'm trying to keep up with, It could be that I just don't remember how bad it actually is, It could be that I'm a flat out WUSS when it comes to being nauseous. Whatever the reason, I've been pretty sick. I have lost 11 lbs since we found out 6 weeks ago which puts me at my pre-Bear weight, so that's kind of exciting...and disturbing all at once.

At 6 weeks
Almost 12 weeks,

 I was on Zofran (which is what they give to Kemo patience for nausea and has been proven safe for pregnancy) but I'm trying to get off it because 1-I HATE taking drugs while prego. I'm super paranoid about stuff like that. 2-I don't know that it was working that well. It made me really tired and light headed and gave me headaches. So I'm trying to get by without it. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'm almost over this lovely stage of pregnancy so we won't have to worry about it.
Anywho....Boy or Girl?! That has been the great debate.   So I have added a poll on the sidebar. Feel free to weigh in.  As the name of our blog says. We only have boys. and I LOVE my boys! They are super easy, and aside from the apparent need to eat every 20 mins like teenagers, pretty inexpensive. Now I'm not saying that I wouldn't LOVE to have a little girl to dress up and paint her tiny nails and put cute flowers and clips in her hair and take out for pedicures when she's older..I would LOVE that. Boys are easy. We would obviously be happy with either.  So place your bet, guess, whatever you want to call it. Boy or Girl?!  and sometime in June or July, we'll let you know!