Monday, September 26, 2011

Many updates

Isaac has decided he is ready to ride without training wheels. I think it has to do with the fact that I may have told him he couldn't have a scooter until he could ride his bike without training wheels. So Greg took the training wheels off and spent some time out with him.  After about 20 mins of working with his dad, Isaac decided he wanted to practice by himself.  He didn't do to bad.

We had him practicing next to the grass so that when he fell he had more of a soft landing.
There was a lot of this
After about 15 mins of solo practicing, he decided he wanted them back on!
We're really proud of him and told him that he can practice without them again.

In other news:

Greg signed the boys up for a swim class! After Gary's new found love of swimming, and his fearless attitude when it comes to water, we figured a swim class was in order.
It's not a very big class, only about 6 kids. and they get to stand on these platforms in the big pool which is constantly supervised by a lifeguard.  Isaac LOVES it!! Gary has fun, but he is, and always has been, an observer. All through class he stands there watching everyone else and then comes home and does it all in the tub.  He will hold his breath in the water and blow bubbles and kick his feet...all in the comfort of his tub, we're trying to get him to do it in class.

In class they do stuff like splash around, blow bubbles in the water, dip their ears, bounce on their bottoms. They even have a bucket of toys they get to play with. It's really cute to watch all the little kids, basically take a bath together!

While the other kids are playin with the toys, the instructor will take them out one at a time to work on kicking and basic swim skills.
Isaac kicking

Gary .... not kicking

Gary on his back

Isaac blowing bubbles

The instructor got Isaac to dunk under the water!

And this is because their just too cute! They LOVE wearing their daddy's shirts to bed!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Today in school Isaac learned how to write the word "red"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

School is Fun!

So I was having this dilemma of finding stuff for Gary and I to do while Isaac was at school. Gary and I have never really had a lot of one-on-one time, which is part of the reason we put Isaac in pre-school in the first place.  I was talking to my mom about this and she came up with the perfect solution!
A few days later we got our paint in the mail and the creativity began!
Gary was kind enough to let Isaac in on the fun, since most of the painting will take place while he's at school.

Gary LOVES to paint!

And about 45 mins later, this is what we ended up with!
I think I may need to invest in a line with some clothes pins for drying.

Needless to say, As a HUGE Thank You, Nana can be expecting some artwork in the mail!

Monday, September 12, 2011


WE DID IT!!! We survived Isaac's first day of pre school!!!
He is so excited to be going to school and LOVES his teacher!
He goes 2 days a week, Monday and Friday, from 9-230.
It's a Montessori program which means it's very hands on and he can learn at his own pace.
(For more info on what Montessori is go here

He was so excited to go to school, he sat by the door until we were all ready to go.  He loves being able to take his lunch box to school. He was bummed that he wouldn't need a back pack but quickly got over that. On our way to school he was talking to us about random things and then says with a little chuckle "But I'm still a little bit nervous"
When we got to school he got all of his things put away and then had a hard time joining the rest of the class for circle time but that only lasted about 2 minutes and then he jumped right in.

When he got home it was a little challenging to get his 1st day of school experience out of him, due to the fact that he had his Nana and cousins here, but from what I did get he made bubbles with water, soap and a manual egg beater, he helped wash the dishes, he painted a picture, and poked holes in a circle on a piece of paper.  He only remembered 2 of his classmates names but there will be plenty of time for that.
Today was his 2nd day of school and it was a breeze. He was the 2nd one there and went right in, put his shoes on the rack, his lunch in the fridge and sat down on the carpet! When Ms Shawna asked if he wanted to give me a hug and kiss he said "Oh .... No. She's ok! Bye Mom and Gary!" and with that I left. I love that he's so quick to warm up to new people and new experiences! I can't wait to hear all about his 2nd day of school!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feelin Fabulous!

I love the theme that Greg picked out for my Birthday!
One more year of Fabulous!!!

One happy Birthday Girl

He made me one of my Favorite cakes...
Spice cake with cream cheese frosting!

Yay Singing!! =D

and Happy Birthday Candles!

There was some sprinkler time
because it was so nice and warm

And for my Birthday he made me a hair appointment to get my hair cut!
So welcome to the traditional "6 month chop"

yes. Wendy's is a MUST lately...

LOVIN the new short hair!

And of course, because I was child free, and just had a garage sale I had some birthday money to go shopping with! One of my new shirts:

Isaac wanted in on the picture....but HATES the flash on the camera! hahaha

Happy Birthday to Mee!!!

Thank you Hubs for making it a Greatly Fabulous Birthday!
Today I feel amazing, and it's because of you!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


It' that time of year again people!!!  It's MY BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE Birthday's!! Anyone's really, but especially mine! A birthday is a day where it's all about YOU! You don't have to share it with anyone, it's a day to celebrate the day YOU were born!  I love my kids birthday, I love my hubbys birthday, I LOVE MY  birthday!!! It may be a little selfish and self centered...but I don't care. It's my birthday and I think that on your birthday you deserve to be a little selfish! Have that extra piece of cake! Eat chocolate chips for breakfast without hiding them in pancakes!  Do what you want to do because it's your birthday and you deserve it!!! 
Birthdays have always been a big deal out our house! Growing up, my parents always made sure it was your day! You got to pick breakfast lunch and dinner. Mom always made a cake, and there was always candles, ice cream, singing and TONS of fun!!!  We always went all out for each other's birthdays! From making HUGE signs to hang outside their door, to find when they woke up, to decorating the car. Balloons were a must and there HAD to be some kind of party. As we got older we would throw each other birthday parties, some surprise, some not, but there was always a party with lots of friends, games and food (My mom LOVED to cook for our friends).
I was fortunate enough to find a man that not only seems to understand, but respects "The Birthday"!! He lets me go all out for our kids and makes sure to do the same for me!! It's always a week long celebration with signs, activities and constant reminding that someone has a special day coming up! This year has been no different!! We kicked off the Birthday festivities with a new kitchen table that he found on Craigslist (love that place) for $100!!!! We had a garage sale yesterday, which we didn't do to bad at, and then ended the day with a Rainiers game! We did the family package so we all got free hats and a coupon for Little Ceasers pizza and crazy bread....YUM!!!!  He's got some kind of get together goin on tomorrow that will be fun....because it's my birthday and everything is fun on your birthday!!  Needless to say, My husband rocks, and it's my birthday, What more could a girl ask for?!
Here's some pics from the game....and our new table!

With just 4 of the 6 chairs and no leafs...leaves....leafs?!

One leaf...right?! Leaf....Hmmmm

Both leafs...leaves....whatever

It's big. It's beautiful. I love it!

Isaac checkin out the program


Our family!

Had to get a goofy one in!

The Rainiers

Some action shots