Saturday, September 26, 2015


I have done it!! I have started college through BYU's online program called Pathway. It is an amazing program and I feel so blessed to be apart of it.

This week we studied the concept of Learn, Do, Become. I have gained a lot of insight into studying all subjects through this concept.

First we must Learn something from our studies. Even if you think you know it all already, you can still learn something new. For instance; in the beginning of  1st Nephi we learn that the first vision that Lehi has is  of a pillar of fire and God sitting on his throne. God comes first, always. He must come first because without him there is nothing. We Learn that Lehi has 4 sons - Lamen, Lemuel, Nephi and Sam. We learn his wife's name is Sariah. Lamen and Lemuel complain, a lot!
What do we learn underneath the surface? What can we learn from the contrast of Lamen and Lemuels disobedience verses Nephi and Sam's obedience and devotion to  the commandments of the Lord.
I pulled from this that Lamen and Lemuel whined and complained because they couldn't, or didn't want to see the big picture. All they saw was the fact that their dad pulled them out of their nice house, away from all their money and friends, and went on the never ending camping trip. They had become so obsessed with worldly possessions that their spiritual sight had been clouded.
Nephi was obedient to his father. He wanted to see the visions his father was teaching them about, so he did something about it! He learned from his father, and then took action.

Once we have learned something, what are we going to do with it? What action will we take? Information is  no good to us unless we do something with it. I am taking this information and teaching it to our children. I will teach them that if they have questions, they can pray and their Father in Heaven will answer them and be there to comfort them. This is something we can also take and apply to our own lives. When we complain it just makes life harder and more miserable. I have a harder time feeling the companionship of our Heavenly Father when I allow Satan to take over my emotions. Everything I see is dark and dreary, and what I should strive for is to see the bright and  beautiful world that has been created for us! We need to have faith that the Lord knows what's best for us and will lead us in the direction we need to go to become the person he needs us to be.

Becoming more Christlike is the obvious goal. What will become of Lamen and Lemuel? A wonderful example of how to be miserable. They find someone to love them, they grow to have families, but they remain wicked and the cycle never ends.
If we are to become who Christ needs us to be we must first learn who that person is, then we must take action and do the things that the Lord has commanded. If we are given a commandment, it's not without a way to accomplish it. The Lord will always prepare the way if what we seek is righteous and true.

I am grateful for Nephi's example of Faith and righteousness. I am excited to learn more about the Book of Mormon and become the person my Heavenly Father already sees me as!

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