Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why Summer is the best ever

Anyone who knows me knows I am a summer child. I live for summer!
I freeze all Winter, endure the depressing rain of Spring and Autumn, all because I know that just around the very long corner, is a glorious, hot day!!!
Something magical happens in summer. Everyone seems to be happier. Even people who don't do heat are happier, because the sun is out!!! I love nothing more than filling up some water balloons and squirt guns and heading out to the back yard for some "at home water park" action!! The kids are screaming and yelling and giggling and laughing and no one cares, because all the kids are outside playing in the warm weather. The colors are magnificent!! Neon and jewel tones fill all the shops. Happy colors that say, "let's go out side and eat popsicles and drink from the hose. Let's go to the beach and play baseball in the park. Let's eat watermelon and corn on the cob. Let's roast marshmallows and cover ourselves in smooth and sticky melted chocolate from our S'mores.
Summer makes me happy to my very core. It makes every part of me want to run screaming and laughing as if I were a small child. It brings out the kid in me.
I want nothing more than to wear my swim suit and flip flops every single day (that's about 80), because all you should have to do in summer is be outside playing. Boating, fishing, camping, watering, enjoying this amazing earth that our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. Given us to tend and enrich our lives!!
No chores! The house shouldn't be that messy because you're never in it!! No dishes because you only eat outside on paper plates and napkins you burn that night over the campfire. No laundry, except the swim suits and towels after dinner, because that's all you wear anyway!
Sunscreen and water balloons should be permanent items on your grocery list because you go through them so fast!

Summer is like a great big, giant hug. Just don't let it kiss you, that can get a bit painful.

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