Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Boredom is underrated

I have been seeing a lot of "Summer Boredom Buster" posts lately, all captioned with something along the lines or "Don't let your kids get bored" or "Boredom doesn't exist in our house, here's why" or "Combat the Boredom Bug with these simple crafts". It got me thinking...
Is being "bored" really that terrible for our children?!
What are we doing?! We are killing ourselves all while pumping ourselves full of chemical mood enhancers...all for what?! So that our darling child, is constantly entertained?!
To this I say NO!
Kids need to be bored. They need to learn how to self entertain! They need to know how to be sitting in a room, without the TV on, and be able to come up with an idea! If we are constantly telling our kids what to do, and spoon feeding them the next activity on the agenda, they will never learn how to think and plan for themselves. They will never figure out that it's ok to not have anything to do, and maybe that means you should read a book, take a nap, pick up some clothes, go outside and invent a new game......

I am no "expert" in child rearing, I have not formally studied psychology or child education, but I am a mother to 3 kids, who occasionally get bored. I don't plan out their summer with a list of 100 things to do. The entire school year is planed and scheduled out, summer vacation should be just that....a VACATION!! We fly by the seat of our pants. I don't tell the kids "tomorrow we're going to the zoo!!!!!" Because what if tomorrow comes, and Bubba didn't sleep well, or Bear woke up entirely WAY too early so he's going to need a nap, or we get an hour into our day and Bug decides that going potty in the toilet is overrated....I have the option of changing plans, and the kids are none the wiser. We go to the zoo a different day, a better day, and no one is mad at me because life happened and we had to change our plans. Some days are just meant to be TV/Jammy days.

While I believe that children need to learn how to be adaptable, they also should be spared disappointment when at all possible. 

Am I saying you should never do fun crafts or activities with your kids? Of course not. Hanging out making silly animals out of cups is fun, but it's also fine if your kids are bored once in a while. Let them figure out what to do when there is nothing to do.

Now, if you will excuse me.....I have a mess or two to clean up....because I'm a mom, and my kids are messy.

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