Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear THAT Mom;

We all know the mom I'm talking about.
The mom wandering the grocery store with her kids in their pajama's practicing their latest karate and WWE moves in the aisle while she stands there deciding if the budget allows for nutritional substance over price value.
The one who is barely dressed, with the zombie eyes - 1,000 yard stare, thinking of all the lovely places she could be relaxing with her best friend (be-it her hubby or best girl friend) instead of fighting with the children over which portable yogurt and juice pouches they want in their "back to school" lunches.
That mom who is on the verge of tears if one more thing goes wrong that day.
The one who is struggling to remind herself why she doesn't just go get a job so that someone else can fight with them all day.
I see you!
I hear you!
I'm with you!
Today, I was THAT mom with THOSE kids!
We all are at some point in our parental lives!
At some point, we are all that mom in the store who's kids might look a little homeless, because let's face it, getting dressed just wasn't a fight that was on the menu this morning. After cleaning up mess after mess after mess from the very inquisitive 2 yr old, at least all the children are fed and have some form of clothing on!!!!
It's ok to be her.
It's ok, if your kids are your least favorite people for a day....or two.
As long as we are still providing food, clothing, a hug and a good job through out the day, it's ok to have a bad day, to be a grouch and just want to crawl back into bed.
We are all human, and deserve a freebie day. A day where we can all just wear pajamas and if all we get done is the grocery shopping then, Good for you!! You accomplished something! Now go put you pajamas back on and find a movie that your kids will snuggle down too! After a shopping trip like that, it's all your kids really need - some popcorn, a movie and an hour and a half where their mom isn't too busy to snuggle them.
I gaurentee you, you will feel better, and they will be back on your top (however many people are in your family) favorite people list.
So, now that I've accomplished the grocery shopping, and done a load of dishes (I'm unstoppable today, I know) I will locate the Muppet Treasure Island movie, pop some corn for my munchkins and we are turning the rest of the world out....because I need a "mommy love" recharge!!!!

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